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How to Choose a Serger

by Tiesha Whatley

Use your new serger to make quilted pillows

Unlike traditional sewing machines, sergers cut fabric and overlock seams as you sew. Sewing sergers provide professional edges with little effort compared to traditional sewing, and some sewers like overlock machines for adding decorative trims, making rolled hems and sewing elastic. Choosing the right serger depends on your sewing and crafting styles, preferences and experience. Because a serger sewing machine is such a large investment, it is important to understand which sewing serger can give you the stitches and design that you desire before you purchase one. Use our tips to choose a serger machine will all of the features you need.

Choosing a Serger:

  1. Consider your craft and sewing experience. Many individuals choose a serger machine because they want to add an advanced overlock machine to their extensive crafting supplies collection. Other shoppers are looking for a serger sewing machine because it is an easy way to improve their basic crafts or they want to perform small sewing tasks. Decide how you will use your serger to help narrow the field and ensure that you get the right craft machine for your sewing projects.

  2. Learn about the many different serger varieties and sewing functions. Once you have decided how you will use your sewing serger, you can more easily choose between sergers based on their functions. Basic sergers have a simple threading process and just a few sewing functions. These sergers are perfect if you are in the market for a machine that will let you easily hem that new skirt to the ideal length or put together bags, pillow cases and aprons to give as gifts. More advanced sergers have a variety of functions, more complex threading and extra features, such as LCD screens and dials that allow you to transfer between functions quickly and easily.

  3. There are many different accessories available for sergers. Handbooks on how to use sergers can be very useful, especially if you have a more complicated machine. Carrying cases for sergers are also available and can be very handy if you choose to take sewing and crafting classes or if you regularly need to move your serger from your home to your workplace or to friends' houses.

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