How to Choose a Replacement Battery for Your Cell Phone

How to Choose a Replacement Battery for Your Cell Phone

How to Choose a Replacement Battery for Your Cell Phone
Most modern cell phones are more than just a communication device; they also serve as a navigation system, a Web browser, a handheld game system, a music player, a day-planner and much more. It's getting harder and harder to get by without one of these multifunction cell phones. But running all those applications uses a lot of battery power.
How to Choose a Replacement Battery for Your Cell Phone

Even with cell phone accessories like car chargers and emergency chargers, your battery power may not last long enough. Over time, your cell phone battery will start to degrade and battery life will shorten. When a cell phone battery starts to degrade, you may think of replacing your cell phone altogether. But if your cell phone is still fairly new, it may be less expensive to buy a replacement battery. This guide will help you choose a replacement battery for your cell phone.


Choosing a Replacement Battery:


Review your cell phone information.

To get the right type of replacement battery, you will need to know what kind of cell phone you have and what kind of battery is suitable. Most cell phone carriers rename the cell phones that they carry. You need to know the actual name and model number of your cell phone, not the cell phone’s carrier-assigned name, to find a replacement battery. This information can be found in your user manual. You may also want to write down the IMEI number and the battery type and serial number. You can also find it on the inside of your cell phone, usually on a sticker or plaque underneath the battery. Also, review your cell phone purchase information. Many cell phone companies offer a one-year warranty for batteries.


Contact your cell phone manufacturer.

You can get cell phone manufacturer information easily on the Web. Ask them if they offer any warranty on the battery or cover the cost of a replacement battery. If they agree to pay for a replacement battery, they may ask for a proof of purchase to reimburse you. Also, don’t forget to check with your cell phone carrier or your cell phone manufacturer to see if using a third-party replacement battery voids the warranty.


Purchase a replacement battery.

If both the manufacturer and the cell phone carrier refuse to send you a replacement battery, you will need to find your own battery. You may find batteries made by both the original manufacturer and third-party manufacturers. Do your research before buying. More than one kind of replacement battery might be made with inferior materials or a low percentage of the active ingredient, have less battery power than a quality-made battery or have a short battery life. You don’t want to wind up purchasing another replacement battery in a few months.

Cell Phone Battery Tip

Remember to always dispose of your old cell phone battery by recycling it properly. Search online for places in your neighborhood that recycle dry-cell and rechargeable batteries. There are plenty of free recycling services to help you reduce your environmental impact.