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How to Choose a Portable DVD Player

by Stephen Lilley

Portable DVD player

A portable DVD player allows you to watch DVD movies on the go, which can be great for long car trips or plane rides where a movie is the perfect way to pass the time or just for watching a movie any place where you want to be comfortable. There are a few important things to consider when buying a portable DVD player to ensure that you'll be getting your money's worth.

Choosing Portable DVD Players:

  1. Look at the screen size. A bigger screen means a higher price, so consider just how large you want your portable DVD player to be and weigh that against the price you're willing to pay.

  2. Look at the sizes and weights of the different models. A model that is very compact and lightweight may have a small screen, but it may also be less expensive than larger models. Consider how big of a player you're comfortable carrying around with you.

  3. Consider what formats the portable DVD player will play. All models will play DVD discs, but only some will also play CDs and DVDs that you burned using your home computer. Often, this added functionality will increase the price, but it can be more than worth it if it gives you more options on what to do with the unit.

  4. Check what types of input and output ports a portable DVD player has. All portable DVD players have a power cord and a place to connect a pair of headphones, but some also have things like composite (the red, yellow and white audio and video cables, also called RCA) and component (the red, blue and green audio/video cables) jacks. These enable you to plug your portable DVD player into a television or home theater when you aren't using it on the go.

  5. Don't forget the battery. A portable DVD player won't do you any good if you can only get one hour of use from a full charge. Get a unit that can last the length of your trip and then some.

  6. Consider the price range. Basic models will be the most affordable, but these units may lack in features and battery life. It may seem unattractive to spend several hundred dollars on a portable DVD player; on the other hand, the screen will be larger and the battery charge will last longer. Consider what you are willing to sacrifice to meet your ideal price.

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