How to Choose a Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry armoire
If your jewelry box simply can't hold all of your baubles and glittering chains any longer, consider investing in a jewelry armoire. Jewelry armoires are large jewelry boxes that keep your jewelry collection organized. Many jewelry box armoires offer drawers, compartments, special hooks and fold-out doors so you can find your favorite jewelry pieces with ease. Some jewelry cabinets offer jewelry storage that is designed to store delicate pieces carefully with multiple dividers and velour-lined drawers and compartments. You will need to consider many factors when shopping for jewelry storage solutions. Let us help you choose a jewelry cabinet or jewelry chest armoire that will complement your decor and keep your jewelry safe and secure.

Jewelry armoire

Choosing a Jewelry Armoire:


Select the Right Size

When shopping for jewelry armoires, you will be able to choose from a variety of different sizes. Consider two main factors when selecting a jewelry armoire size: the size of your jewelry collection and the available space in your bedroom, closet or dressing room. If you have a large jewelry assortment or would like to expand your collection, choose a jewelry chest armoire with plenty of internal space and compartments. If you are short on floor or counter space in your home, on the other hand, consider a compact jewelry armoire. Jewelry armoires are available in a variety of models, including large wall units, desktop or dresser-top units and free-standing floor units. You might consider measuring a space in your bedroom or closet for a jewelry armoire.


Consider Style

A jewelry armoire is a piece of furniture, and it will need to complement the theme and furniture of your bedroom, closet or living space. You can choose from several jewelry storage designs and styles, including French country units with handcrafted doors, traditional armoires with engravings, modern jewelry armoires with clean lines and straight edges, and chests with Asian-inspired engravings and details. You can also choose from real wood armoires made from pine, oak, cherry wood or maple, armoires with fabric detailing and even gorgeous metal jewelry cabinets.


Choose Your Safety and Security Features

Some jewelry armoires are designed with locks on drawers and door handles, while others are designed to look less like a jewelry armoire and more like a common household mirror or cabinet. These features, in addition to quality construction and materials, offer security for your valuable jewelry pieces. Some jewelry armoires also featured hidden drawers and compartments for especially valuable or expensive pieces.

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