How to Choose a Great Birthday Gift for Mom

by Remy Logan

Mom's birthday is a perfect time to honor her with a heartfelt gift. While your mother may appreciate any gifts you decide to give her, taking the time to choose a special birthday gift shows your loyalty and your love.

Choosing a Gift for Mom:

  1. Consider your mom's lifestyle and personality. Understanding her hobbies and daily routine allows you to choose a birthday gift that she'll truly value. Pay attention to her recent purchases as well as any items on her "must-have" list. Make note of any new hobbies or interests she has, such as scrapbooking, yoga, or photography, and then find tools and accessories that will help her enjoy the new hobby even more.

  2. Rule out obvious blunders. Save time by eliminating the need to search for products she'll never use or appreciate. For example, avoid looking through the cookware section if she detests cooking or searching through styles of ruby jewelry if she prefers blue gemstones.

  3. Use your mom's eyes when choosing her birthday present. Although it's acceptable to choose a gift that falls outside of her normal purchases, try to find a gift she still might get for herself. Perhaps she always buys her favorite scent in eau de toilette; you could buy the more luxurious eau de parfum version. Taking your mom for a window shopping adventure can uncover preferences without revealing your true intentions.

  4. Remember past gift-giving occasions for clues. Recall her reactions to receiving gifts that she liked and those that she disliked. Knowing her possible reactions can help you avoid giving her an underwhelming gift. Notice if she has used gifts you gave her in the past. Is the bottle of bubble bath you gave her last year almost empty? If so, she may like receiving bath products again. If it's still full and gathering dust, you may want to avoid that type of gift.

  5. Make it a family affair. Get your siblings involved when you want to give Mom a big gift, like fine jewelry or a new set of golf clubs. Make a list of correlating presents, so your family can present Mom with a complete package. For example, a group gift for mom could include those golf clubs, plus a golf bag, quality golf balls, and a gift certificate to her favorite course.

  6. Give her a personalized gift. Few gifts show that you've put thought into the gesture like something that is personalized. Whether that's something monogrammed, initial jewelry, or a charm bracelet filled with meaningful charms, this gift will show you spent some time thinking about her when you were shopping.

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Updated February 3, 2015