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How to Choose a Golf Bag

by Staff Writer

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Few things can make a day of the course turn sour faster than a golf bag not living up to your expectations, but with so many types of golf bags available, a better one is sure to be available. There are three basic types of golf bags to choose from, plus a multitude of options that will make your outings more enjoyable. Let's take a look at what to expect when shopping for a golf bag.

Choosing a Golf Bag:

  1. Carry bags: A carry bag is small and lightweight. It can usually accommodate a basic set of essential golf equipment, including your clubs, a few accessories like balls, towels and tees and often comes with a built-in stand to hold it upright while you make your shot. Because the carry bag is portable and easy to carry, it's the bag of choice for golfers who like to walk and carry their own golf equipment. Essentially, the carry bag is the equivalent of packing light.

  2. Cart bags: The cart bag is a mid-sized bag and designed to fit either on a wheeled, hand-pulled golf cart or on the back of a motorized golf cart. It can be fairly bulky and is often difficult to carry, but it offers more space than the lightweight carry bag. Since you're not carrying a cart bag, its weight is relatively unimportant, and the larger size allows you to carry additional golf equipment, cold drinks, food and anything else that will make your round more enjoyable.

  3. Staff bags: The staff bag is the largest style of golf bag. This type of bag is often used by professional golfers who have caddies to carry the bags. Because of the immense size of a staff bag, they are considered impractical by many; however, they are available if you have an inordinate amount of golf gear and other items that you need to have with you on the course.

  4. Your best bag: Choosing the right golf bag for you comes down to how you will use it and how much you wish to pay. Often, carry bags are less expensive, but if you plan to walk yourself around the course, they're the better choice. The price or quality of your bag isn't going to affect your game, but you should pick a bag that can carry everything you need to have a comfortable game.

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