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How to Choose a Futon Mattress

How to Choose a Futon Mattress

Futon in living room
When it comes to choosing the right futon mattress for your futon, it can be a tough decision. Futons are very versatile pieces of furniture. These couches that convert into beds can be made out of everything from expensive solid hardwood to inexpensive metal. The choices for a futon mattress are as diverse as the frames. Some futon mattresses are simply filled with pieces of cotton and wool. Others are one solid piece of foam. Still other futon mattresses contain coils just as bed mattresses do. If you're confused about finding the right one, take a look below to learn how to choose a futon mattress.
Futon in living room

Choosing a Futon Mattress:



Think About Use

Consider how often someone will sleep on the futon. If you plan to only occasionally use it as a bed, perhaps as a guest bed, consider getting a less expensive futon mattress, such as a cotton-filled one. If you plan on using it nightly, you should splurge on a high-quality, coil-filled mattress to make the futon more comfortable.


Consider Aesthetics

Think about how you want the futon to look. Coil-filled mattresses, although comfortable, tend to lose their shape over time. Solid, foam-filled mattresses will hold their shape very well, and they’re better for futons most frequently used as couches.


Decide the Thickness of the Mattress

Thin, sleek futon frames look better with thinner mattresses, while substantial wooden pieces need thicker mattresses to match their frames. What kind of mattress do you prefer? Make sure you find one that you’ll want to sleep on. Don’t let color affect your decision. You can always buy a futon mattress cover.


Consider a Cover

Determine if you want a mattress cover for your futon mattress. This is your opportunity to pick your color and fabric preference. You can choose between solid colors or a pattern. Some of your fabric choices include cotton, microsuede and microfiber. Some mattresses already have a water-resistant covering, but many do not. This will affect the cost of your mattress.


Consider the Size of the Futon Frame

While a queen-size mattress might be the most spacious and comfortable, it means you will have to already own or purchase a queen-size frame, which could be too large for a small room. Take measurements of your space before making your final selection to avoid size issues. You’ll be glad you did.