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How to Choose a Desk Chair

by C.D. Crowder

Desk chair

Desk chairs are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. A good office chair helps prevent back, neck and even leg pain while you're sitting. Some desk chairs are made specifically for existing health problems. Other desk chairs focus on adjustability and customized comfort options. Choosing an office chair requires you to assess a few things about your lifestyle and environment. Look below to learn how to choose a desk chair.

Choosing a Desk Chair:

  1. Determine the type of desk chair you need. Desk chair categories include high-backed, reclining, forward leaning and ergonomic. High-backed desk chairs provide higher backrests, supporting the spine and reducing neck and upper back strain. Reclining office chairs allow you to adjust the backrest and tilt the back slightly. Forward-leaning desk chairs provide upper-back support, mainly for anyone with slouching problems or those working extremely close to the desk. Ergonomic desk chairs provide lumbar support and have head and neck supports.

  2. Choose between stationary or mobile. Most desk chairs are mobile, meaning they have a set of casters on the base. Stationary office chairs are typically heavier than mobile chairs and have no casters. Some mobile chairs have caster locks to prevent movement while you work. If you want a mobile desk chair, you'll need to choose between full motion or roll only. Rolling chairs only have moving casters. A full-motion chair allows you to turn the chair itself without rolling the entire chair.

  3. Select the proper height. You should be able to sit comfortably with your feet firmly on the floor. If you need a higher chair, choose a desk chair with a foot rest. The back of the chair should be at least as tall as half of your back. For better support, choose a desk chair with a backrest as long as your back. If the desk chair is for multiple users or you need more flexibility with the seat and backrest level, choose an adjustable chair. These have small knobs that allow you to adjust the backrest level and the height of the seat.

  4. Select the type of upholstery. Leather and cloth are the most common. If you want to match the desk chair to a certain room, choose a color that matches the room.

  5. Select the type of armrest you want. Some desk chairs have curved armrests, while others have straight. Armrests come in plastic, metal or upholstered materials. If you use armrests often, choose upholstered armrests, which are cushioned and more comfortable.

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