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How to Choose a Computer Book



The possibilities provided by computers are endless, so it makes sense that computer books are available for virtually any computing goal. With a computer book, you can learn to do all kinds of tasks, from getting through tax season to programming software. It's easy to find computer books for everything if you know how to look for them.

Choosing a Computer Book:

  1. Identify specific learning goals. The first step in finding the best computer book for you is to identify exactly what you want to learn or which computer tasks you want accomplish. If you want to organize your finances, you may be looking for a computer book on budget or finance software. If you plan on designing and coding your own website, you might consider a computer programming book on HTML, Javascript, or website design. If you're learning computer system basics, you may be looking for computer books on basic operating systems and commonly used computer programs.

  2. Consider your skill level. Authors have written computer books aimed at novices and experts alike. After deciding what you want to accomplish, find computing books on the subject that match your skill level. You may think you're just a beginner, but you may discover later that an introductory computer book is too rudimentary for you.

  3. Read computer book reviews. When you're trying to select a computer book, reviews by other readers can be valuable. Find a handful of books that could work for your needs and then search through the reviews for comments from others who have read each computer book. Look at reviews from both users and professional critics. Make a list of the pros and cons of each book and then compare them.

  4. Look into the authors. Different authors have different computer backgrounds, which may or may not qualify them as authorities on certain subjects. Before buying a computer book, make sure its author is a true expert.

  5. Look for books with online features. Sometimes it can be hard to learn computer skills and programs through text alone. That's why many computer book publishers now include online resources with certain books. Look for computer books with included CDs that may contain special content, free programs, or access to website content that may help you learn the subject faster and more efficiently.

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