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How to Choose a China Cabinet



A china cabinet can be a focal point in any stylish home, but with so many options, sizes, and finishes available, how do you pick the right one for your living or dining room? These tips will help you pick out the perfect china cabinet to match your taste, space, and budget.

China Cabinet Basics:

  1. Pick a style: The most important consideration of any new piece of home decor is your own personal style. Choose a cabinet or buffet that will meld seamlessly into your existing decor. If you're ready for a decor overhaul, choose a distinctive piece you love and build a new room around it. Also, consider the finish of the cabinet. A dark, espresso finish offers a more handsome or romantic look, teak wood is often associated with mid-century modern style, and blonde wood is versatile and classic. Distressed finishes are also a popular choice, offering a more shabby chic or English countryside look. Of course, a stainless steel or black cabinet can be the perfect addition to a sleek and modern space.

  2. Measure the space: Everyone has experienced finding the perfect piece of furniture but in the wrong size. Since you can't change the size, it's best to shop for the space you have. Measure the wall where your cabinet will live carefully -- and make sure to buy a cabinet about 6-12 inches smaller than those dimensions in each direction. A well-designed cabinet is like a work of art; keep spatial aesthetics in mind when placing it against a wall.

  3. Form meets function: Both beautiful and functional, a china cabinet can act as a statement piece of furniture or work double duty storing and showcasing your prized china collection. They are also a handsome place to store your cherished collectibles, figurines, heirlooms, and photos. Opt for a cabinet with adjustable shelves if you're uncertain about what you'll store in the cabinet or if you prefer to keep your options open.

  4. Go shopping: Once you've decided on your cabinet's special features, it's time to do some competitive shopping. Peruse the websites of online retailers, which often have a large selection, and scout online coupon code sites for promotions on your favorite sites. When available, it's wise to invest in an insurance or warranty plan. Always be sure to save your receipt and any packing materials so you'll be able to return your new cabinet, if necessary.

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