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How to Choose a Bedspread

by Staff Writer

Queen size floral quilt bedspread

If you want to give your bedroom a quick makeover, try a new bedspread. Purchasing a new bedspread is an excellent way to give bedrooms a fresh new look. Because they're produced in such a huge variety of colors, materials, sizes and styles, it can be intimidating to pick a new bedspread. Fortunately, with a few things in mind, finding the perfect bedspread should be a breeze. Take a look below to learn how to choose a bedspread.

Choosing a Bedspread:

  1. Determine the size you need. The first thing you will want to look into is the size of the bedspread. Beyond determining the standard sizing, like twin, queen and king bedspreads, you'll want to determine which look you're going for. Think about how much you want the spread to drape over the sides and end of the bed. If you want it to be a little shorter, you may want to consider getting a bedskirt so the bottom of the bed doesn't show.

  2. Decide on a color scheme. Once you've figured out what size of bedspread you need, think about color. Take inventory of the colors in your bedroom; this will help you pick the perfect color of bedspread to complement your room. If you do not want to replace all your bedding, you'll want to look for a coordinating bedspread.

  3. Consider your style. With size and color in mind, consider what style will work best with your design scheme. A bedspread with a busy pattern may be best, or something simple may work better. Think about your personal style and the type of bed that you'll be using the bedding for, as well.

  4. Choose the material. The type of material a bedspread is made of can make or break both comfort and style. If you're looking for a bedspread to use in the summer, consider a cotton bedspread. Lightweight bedspreads are popular for warm months and do double duty in winter. Just place your lightweight bedspread over a down comforter for an ultra-warm option. For chilly winter months, a heavy wool or flannel bedspread is another great option.

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