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How to Change Sheets



Things You Need:

  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 1 flat sheet
  • 1 to 2 pillowcases
  • Bedspread or comforter

There's nothing quite like the feel of fresh, clean sheets to help you get a great night's sleep. Clean bedding is also vital to your health, so it's crucial to know how to change sheets. The process is actually very simple, and with the help of this guide, you'll be able to sleep on a clean, fresh bed in no time.

Change Your Sheets:

  1. Remove the top cover. Pull off the top cover or bedding and place aside.

  2. Remove the pillows. Remove the pillows from the pillowcases. Hold the pillowcases by the unopened ends and shake them a few times; the pillows should fall out easily. Continue shaking until the pillows fall to the ground.

  3. Remove the flat sheet. Pull off the flat sheet. The flat sheet is usually the same color as the fitted sheet and it lies under the comforter.

  4. Remove the fitted sheet. Pull off the fitted sheet. The fitted sheet is the sheet that "hugs" the mattress on all sides and will usually have elastic at the bottom.

  5. Apply the fitted sheet. Place the clean fitted sheet on the bed by stretching it over the four corners. If your bed is against a wall, start by pulling the fitted sheet around the corners that are most difficult to get to. Then do the corners that are easier to reach, pulling the sheet to make sure it covers the mattress evenly.

  6. Apply the flat sheet. Place the flat sheet on the bed. There should be a slightly wider seam on one end; place it at the head of the bed where the pillows will sit. If the sheet has a design on one side, make sure the design is facing down against the fitted sheet; this will make sense after Step 8. Make sure the same amount of sheet is hanging down on each side of the bed. Tuck the bottom end of the sheet between the mattress and the box spring. If you want, fold the corners in again the same way you wrap corners on a present.

  7. Apply the top cover. Place the comforter, bedspread, or quilt on the bed and flatten out any wrinkles by running your hand over it. Make sure the same amount of the cover is hanging down on the sides of the bed. Allow enough of the cover to hang over the foot of the bed to cover mattress.

  8. Add some style. Fold back the comforter and top sheet about 12 inches at the head of the bed. You should be able to see the fitted sheet with the flat sheet folded over the comforter. (This is why you put the sheet on right-side down in Step 6.)

  9. Top it off with pillows. Finally, put the pillowcases on the pillows. Once the pillowcase is started on the pillow, it's easier to hold the pillowcase in your hands and lean the pillow against your body. Shake it up and down to make the pillow slide into the case. You may need to reach into the pillowcase to pull the pillow all the way into the corners. Once it's smooth, fluff it and place the pillow at the head of the bed.

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