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How to Care for Leather Jackets

by Staff Writer

Leather jacket

A high-quality leather jacket is not an inexpensive item; it's definitely a wardrobe investment. Leather jackets are both stylish and durable -- and with proper care, they can last for years. A few steps will ensure that your women's outerwear and men's outerwear will stay soft and supple -- and wearable -- for years to come.


  1. Read your leather jacket's label for care instructions. Each garment should come with a listing of instructions from the maker; read and carefully follow these notes. Every men's or women's leather jacket is a bit different, so make sure you don't use cleaners or solutions that will damage the fabric.

  2. Protect the outside of your leather jacket with a waterproof sealant spray. Some aerosol sprays work as a shield against both water damage and other stains. These sprays do not have a color or pungent odor and are made specifically for leather. Many are made of silicone oil and can be purchased at specialty garment shops. Cover all outer areas of women's and men's leather jackets.

  3. Hang your leather jacket so it can hold its natural shape. This will help to avoid wrinkles. Look for a hanger that is both wide and padded. Once hung, keep each of your men's leather jackets and women's leather jackets in a place where they can breathe and stay dry, such as a garment bag. Bags made of nylon, not plastic, work best.

  4. Ensure your jacket always stays dry. Leather jackets are more prone to water stains when they're not properly sealed, and while you should avoid taking them out in rainy weather, it's also important to hang your jacket in a dry, well-ventilated closet.

  5. Put a leather conditioner on areas that get overly dry. Protect your jacket by wiping away any salt stains immediately. You should also have your leather jacket professionally cleaned each year.


  1. If your jacket gets wet, never try to dry it with a blow dryer or other kind of high-powered heat vent, as this will damage your coat. Just pat it dry with a soft, clean towel and let it finish drying on a hanger.

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