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How to Care for a Bathroom Corner Cabinet

by Emily Lloyd

Ornate corner bathroom cabinet

Things You Need:

  • Dust rag
  • Furniture polish

Most bathrooms don't offer much storage, which is why a corner cabinet often comes in handy. Its shelves and drawers help keep your bathroom clean and organized. It's easy to keep your bathroom corner cabinet up-to-date and functional by following a few simple instructions. If you don't take care of your bathroom corner cabinet, it can become irreparably damaged. Luckily, bathroom cabinets don't take a lot of time or effort to keep clean. Keep reading for helpful hints on how to care for a bathroom corner cabinet.

Caring for Bathroom Cabinets:

  1. Treat it gently. While there's no need to tip-toe around this piece of bathroom furniture, you'll still want to make sure you treat it with care. Avoid slamming the drawers or cupboard doors, especially if they're made with glass or mirror. Also make sure your bathroom corner cabinets aren't placed directly behind your bathroom door. A wildly swinging door can put a nasty dent or gash in your stylish bathroom furniture, leaving an ugly scar.

  2. Watch for spills. Bathroom cabinets store all sorts of items from household cleaners to beauty products. Make sure that any spills located inside your corner cabinets are cleaned up immediately. Some household cleaning products are made of chemicals that can bleach or damage your bathroom corner cabinet.

  3. Dust and polish your bathroom corner cabinet regularly. Over time, the oil from your hands can turn the wood of your bathroom corner cabinet dark and oily. You can prevent wood discoloration by dusting and using furniture polish to clean your bathroom cabinet. You will get rid of unsightly marks and your bathroom furniture will be left gleaming.

  4. Clean up standing water immediately. If your bathroom corner cabinet is a floor model, then you'll need to watch out for standing water. Your bathroom corner cabinet will absorb the water on the ground if it doesn't get wiped up. If the wooden furniture absorbs too much water, it will swell, causing many more problems like mold, mildew and rot.

  5. Perform regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep your bathroom corner cabinet beautiful and functional for a long time. For example, make a habit of checking the screws that hold your hanging corner cabinet into the walls. If the cabinet feels loose, tighten the screws immediately. Taking precaution with your bathroom corner cabinet will help make it last for many years.

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