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How to Buy Women's Swimwear

by Lindsay Law

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Whether you're simply taking kids to the pool or planning a vacation to an exotic beach, you need flattering women's swimwear to feel comfortable and stylish in the water. Both one-piece swimsuits and two-piece swimwear can be fashionable and give you the coverage you need. Read on for tips on purchasing women's swimwear that fits well and looks great.

Buying Women's Swimwear:

  1. Be aware of swim sizes. Women's swimsuits fit differently on each person, which can make selecting the right ladies' swimwear size challenging. Before buying a suit, look at the brand's sizing chart to determine the best size. If you have a large bust, you may want to purchase a women's swimsuit in a larger size. Don't get hung up on numbers; you may wear a much bigger size in ladies' swimwear than in regular women's clothing.

  2. Pick a style that will be comfortable. One-piece swimsuits generally offer the most coverage, although a tankini or similar two-piece swimwear is also versatile and adjustable. Look for a tank-style suit with a skirted bottom to cover a full tummy and bottom or find a tankini with a high halter top and boy shorts for a vintage suit that also covers curvy hips and a large bust. Designer swimwear is often made of quality fabrics, such as nylon and Lycra, to avoid rubbing or chafing.

  3. Look for slimming styles. Camouflage a thick waist, curvy thighs, wide hips or a round bottom in monochromatic swimsuits. Black is classic and great for slimming swimwear, but swimsuits in navy blue, brown, dark green or royal purple will also make you look slender and trim. A tankini in a polka dot, striped or floral pattern will hide problem areas and is the perfect slimming swimwear.

  4. Search for the right support. When purchasing a bikini, find a style that will give you adequate coverage and support, especially if you have a full bust. Halter tops, bandeaus and underwire styles generally support your bust comfortably. Look for complementary bottoms, such as skirts, boy shorts and low-rise styles, for a flattering bikini. Find designer swimwear with removable padding or a built-in bra for extra support.

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