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How to Buy Women's Jeans

by Lindsay Law

Women's jeans for your shape

Among the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own, women's jeans are comfortable, durable and flattering. Whether you're looking for women's stretch jeans, women's skinny jeans or women's bootcut jeans, a few tips can help you find a flattering style and a perfect fit. Read on for suggestions on buying women's jeans.

Buying Women's Jeans:

  1. Figure out your body type. If you are tall and slender, tall women's jeans will probably work best for you, although you may also need to look for jeans with a longer inseam. Petite women's jeans are designed for women under 5'4 and will not overwhelm small frames. Women with a curvy stomach and bottom have an "apple" shape, while women with a curvy bottom and hips are considered a "pear" shape. Women with hourglass figures have a narrow waist and proportionate bust and hips. Knowing your body type will help you to find women's denim jeans and women's designer jeans that fit well and emphasize the best parts of your body.

  2. Buy women's stretch jeans for comfort. If you have a full stomach, hips, thighs or bottom, women's stretch jeans may be best for you because they skim over your curves and allow you to move easily. Look for jeans in a dark wash for the most slimming look and be sure to purchase jeans that fit well in the waist and bottom, as the elasticity of the fabric can cause them to slip down after frequent wear.

  3. Purchase straight-leg jeans for a classic look. Women's straight-leg jeans are flattering on most body types because they fall straight from the waist to the feet without tapering or flaring. Women's straight-leg jeans in a dark wash are dressy enough for a party or more upscale event. For an updated look that is also forgiving, buy women's bootcut jeans, which flare slightly at the hem to accommodate boots or chunky footwear. Bootcut jeans also balance wide hips, especially when worn with heels that elongate the body.

  4. Wear skinny jeans for a cool, versatile style. The nice thing about women's skinny jeans is that their thin, curve-hugging shape allows you to wear them beneath dresses, tunics and long sweaters and with either heels or flats. Skinny jeans are not as forgiving as bootcut styles or women's flare jeans, however, so camouflage problem areas, such as wide hips or a curvy stomach, with a flattering tunic or full blouse and show off your toned legs. Find petite women's jeans in a skinny style for a slimming look. Skinny cuts are also available in tall women's jeans and help to elongate the legs.

  5. Look for denim styles you like. Dark blue and black jeans are the most slimming colors of jeans, but women's flare jeans, for example, are also stylish in lighter washes or with slight whiskering near the front pockets. For a vintage vibe, look for jeans in grey you can pair with high heels or classic sneakers. Women's designer jeans often come in trendy metallic or acid washes for a unique style, and you can also find women's denim jeans in vibrant colors such as red, green, blue and pink to channel the '80s.

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