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How to Buy Wine Racks

by Trisha Berendt

Wine storage

Although wine cabinets and cellars can be used for storing wine, wine racks are a better choice for keeping bottles at easy reach in a kitchen or dining room. Wine racks vary in size and material. Some mount on a wall while others sit on the table, countertop or floor. When buying a wine rack, there are many features to consider, including your overall room design and the space you have available.


  1. Evaluate your space. Wine racks vary widely when it comes to size. Measure the space where you plan on installing a wine rack. When you don't have a lot of floor space, a tabletop or wall-mounted wine rack is a space-saving choice. Also consider the level of sunlight in the room. Exposure to excessive sun can ruin the wine. Choose an area that stays shady most of the day.

  2. Consider the size of your collection. Consider how many bottles of wine you plan to have at one time. Some racks are better for a small wine collection consisting of three to eight bottles of wine on average. Choose a higher capacity wine rack for larger collections.

  3. Think about style and decor. Choose a wine rack that matches the style of the room. Wine racks are typically made of either wood or metal. A bamboo wine rack looks appropriate when incorporated into a casual, rustic design, while pewter wine racks are elegant and modern.

  4. Extra storage features. Some wine racks come in a cabinet with drawers that can be used for storing corkscrews and other wine paraphernalia. Hanging wine racks often come with slots for hanging wine glasses, storing everything in one place. If you already have storage for these extras, you may not need a wine rack featuring storage.

  5. Long-term vs. short-term storage. Consider how often you plan to drink the wine in your wine rack. If there will be a regular rotation of bottles, you can choose a wine rack that exposes the full bottle to some light and heat. For collectors who keep bottles for years, choose a wine rack or wine refrigerator that covers most of the bottle so light and heat can't degrade the quality of the wine.


  1. Exposure to heat can ruin wine, so avoid storing wine racks in warm places, such as on top of the refrigerator.

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