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How to Buy Slipcovers

How to Buy Slipcovers

Chair with a blue slipcover
One of the simplest ways to update your decor is to buy slipcovers. Available in many sizes to fit chairs, futons, sofas, sectionals and even recliners, furniture slipcovers can be an easy solution when you're redecorating on a budget. Choosing quality sofa and chair slipcovers will be less expensive than replacing your old furniture, especially if the item is sturdy and comfortable, and a well-fitting chair or sofa slipcover will complement your room and give your furniture a face-lift. Whether you need to cover up old couches that have seen better days with sofa slipcovers or just want a fitted slipcover to give your armchair a fresh, polished look, the following suggestions will help you find the perfect furniture covers for your home. Read on for tips on buying slipcovers.
Chair with a blue slipcover

Buying Slipcovers:

Measure Your Furniture

Furniture slipcovers come in specific sizes, so it is important to ensure that you are purchasing the proper size. Using a measuring tape, take the measurement from the longest part of the couch, including the arms. Make a note of the width of upholstered arms. Then measure the distance between the bottom of the furniture and floor if you are buying a slipcover with a bottom ruffle. While stretch slipcovers will be more forgiving, you’ll want to be particularly careful when buying custom slipcovers that you get the correct measurements, as these may not be returnable.

Choose a Type

A fitted slipcover provides a seamless look where it is nearly impossible to tell that the furniture has been covered. Other options include slipcovers that drape or tie over furniture, stretch slipcovers that contain a bit of elastic for a better fit and custom slipcovers, which are tailored to your exact measurements and made of the fabric you choose.

Choose Slipcovers in Colors That Complement Your Home’s Style

Slipcovers for furniture typically come in neutral shades that make it easy to blend with most decors. However, you can find bright prints to dress up a room. Keep look of your draperies and your carpet in mind when selecting sofa or chair slipcovers to ensure that your furniture won’t look out of place with its new coverings.

Choose Slipcovers in Appropriate Fabrics

If your furniture is heavily used, it is best to pick a slipcover that is washable and stain-resistant. If you have young children, you’ll want to select a fabric that will be durable and tear-resistant, too. Slipcovers for furniture come in nearly every fabric imaginable, from silk to durable poly blends that are nearly indestructible.