How to Buy Outdoor Furniture Cushions

How to Buy Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Plush and vibrant cushions are an indispensable part of a homey and stylish patio. Unfortunately, a cushion’s fabric and stuffing will deteriorate after a few years if left in the sun and the rain. To keep your patio fresh and comfy, it’s important to replace old patio cushions when they start to fade. Use these tips to find the perfect outdoor cushions for every chair, bench, and sectional on your patio.

Measure Your Outdoor Furniture for New Cushions

Info graphic on how to measure your Outdoor Furniture for cushions.

The most important step for buying replacement outdoor cushions that perfectly fit your patio furniture is to measure your old cushions before throwing them away. To ensure a good fit, try to match the shape, thickness, width, and length of each cushion you replace.


If you no longer have the old outdoor cushions, or your patio furniture never included any, you can measure the furniture itself. With a tape measure, take precise measurements of every seat you want to outfit with a new cushion.


While measuring, pay special attention to the shape of each seat to make sure the new cushions fit snugly. If your seats have curved backs, then a cushion with a square back won’t fit very well. Luckily, outdoor cushions are soft, so even if you can’t find an exact match, something that is approximately the right shape might still work.


Select the Right Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Chairs, Benches, and Sofas

Cushions for outdoor chairs usually come in one of two styles: one-piece or two-piece. One-piece cushions are designed to either lay over a chair’s seat or cover both the seat and back of a chair. In two-piece sets, one cushion is used for the chair’s seat and the other is used for its back.


Some outdoor cushions are meant to sit loosely on a piece of furniture, but others feature handy ties or buttoned loops you can use to secure them in place. While the second design may seem more handy, it only works on chairs and benches with exposed frames that the cushions can be tied to.


Find Outdoor Cushions Made of Waterproof Materials

As we said earlier, outdoor cushions usually wear out after a couple of years due to exposure to sunlight and harsh weather. You can slow the process, though, by getting cushions that are made to last. Before making a purchase, check to see if the outdoor cushion you’re considering has these key features:


UV protectionProtection against UV damage is particularly important if you live in an area with high temperatures and lots of sunny days during the summer.


Water resistanceWater-resistant outdoor cushions are less likely to develop mold and mildew during periods of heavy rains or humidity.


Durable fillFills made from sturdy materials like reticulated foam and polyester fiber are designed to dry quickly and resist the normal wear that comes with frequent use.


Outdoor cushions made with all these features will outlast cushions that aren’t.


Pick Cushion Colors and Patterns That Compliment Your Patio Furniture

The look of an outdoor cushion is as important as how well it works. Shop around to find options that match the style, placement, and color scheme of your patio furniture. If you’re looking for something to go with a brown patio chair for outdoor dining, try a button-tufted cushion in a creamy shade. Outdoor cushions with stripes can give your poolside patio chairs a nautical theme. For a more slick and modern chair design, get a smooth cushion in a complementary color. Whatever style you’re going for, you can find outdoor cushions that will fit right in.


Accessorize Your Patio With Outdoor Decor

Purchase matching accessories to complement your new outdoor cushions. You can create a unified design with pillows, umbrellas, stools, and planters in colors that match your cushions. Even an outdoor rug in the same colors as your outdoor cushions can do a lot to make your patio look cohesive and tranquil. You can play with the shape and size of your planters to add dimension to your color scheme. Read styling tips in our guide to The Best Outdoor Planters for a Stylish Patio.

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