How to Buy Cocktail Tables

How to Buy Cocktail Tables
What are cocktail tables? What was once known just as a coffee table is now ready for the evening. A cocktail table will enhance your living room's style and add a touch of hospitality for your guests by offering a place for them to set down their drinks. When purchasing a new cocktail table, it is important to find one that suits your style and budget. Here is what to look for when you're shopping for a cocktail table.

How to Buy Cocktail Tables

Buying Cocktail Tables:

Contemporary style cocktail tail

Measure Your Existing Furniture

Measure the height of the sofa or chair that will sit closest to the cocktail table. Your new cocktail table should be slightly shorter than your sofa’s seating area in order to make it easy for the people sitting on the sofa to set down their food or drinks.

Glam style cocktail table

Make Sure You Choose the Right Size

Measure the area where you will be placing the cocktail table, and make sure that there will be 15 to 18 inches of walking space on all sides. Keep in mind that something slightly too large will feel better than something slightly too small.

Traditional style cocktail table

Decide on the Material

Pick a material for your cocktail table that complements your home decor; the most common are glass, metal, and wood. Metal will have a modern, industrial feel. Glass doesn’t take up much visual space, so it’s a good choice for a small room or a room with a view you don’t want to block. Wood can be traditional or contemporary depending on the style; if you want a wood table, match or coordinate the finish with your other living room furniture. Wood can also add texture to a room; if your living room decor feels flat, look for a rough-hewn or handmade coffee table.

Mid-Century Modern style cocktail table

Consider Style and Shape

Are you looking for something modern and minimalist or classic and homey? A round cocktail table would be right at home in a casual room, while a square or rectangle table usually feels more structured. Rounds tables are often smaller, making them a good choice for a room that is short on space. Generally, the materials will have more influence over the style than the shape.

Contemporary style cocktail table

Decide on Its Use

Extra features may add to the initial cost, but you’ll be glad you have them if they matter to you. Some cocktail tables feature drawers and cupboards which work as extra storage.

Cocktail Table Tips
  • If your table requires assembly, be sure you have all the necessary tools to set it up.
  • Remember to save all purchasing information and materials, especially if your table comes with a warranty.

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