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How to Buy a Toilet

by Heather Mark


Buying a new toilet isn't something most people think about until they have to. Whether you're shopping for new toilets to install in a new home or just looking to replace outdated models, details like flushing power, configuration, aesthetics and technology should be considered for your bathroom.

Buying a Toilet:

  1. Choose your flush style. Gravity flush toilets are the old tried-and-true method. When the lever is pushed, the flapper lifts, allowing water to flow into the bowl and push waste down. Gravity flush toilets are usually the most affordable, but they aren't backed by a lot of muscle.

  2. Opt for a vacuum-assisted toilet if you want a little more oomph behind your flush. Although vacuum-assisted toilets use the same fill and flush valves as gravity flush models, they contain a vacuum tank that helps draw waste out via suction. They cost slightly more than a gravity flush, but the pressure is greater and the tank doesn't sweat.

  3. Go with a pressure-assisted toilet if you want a strong blast of water pressure. Pressure-assisted units use pressure tanks to create an explosive flush. They are often found in public restrooms. They're very loud, can be expensive to repair and are the priciest of the three models.

  4. Think about whether you want a one-piece or a two-piece toilet. One-piece toilets are more expensive but easier to clean. Two-piece toilets are less expensive and may be harder to clean in between the bowl and the tank.

  5. Save the planet by choosing a toilet with two different flush operations. While all new toilets are required to use a mere 1.6 gallons of water to flush, dual-action toilets allow you to use even less water. By depressing the lever down, 1.6 gallons will be used to flush. Lift it up and only 0.6 gallons will be used.

  6. Don't be self-conscious if you need extra support from your toilet. Specialty toilets are designed to accommodate extra weight on toilet seats. With greater seating capacity and reinforced materials, large toilets can increase comfort and safety for those needing a little extra support. Look for toilets with wider toilet seats for ease of use.

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