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How to Buy a Bedroom Set

by Catherine Amo

Bedroom with cherry bedroom set

Things You Need:

  • Tape measure

Bedroom sets contribute greatly to the atmosphere of a bedroom, and you must feel comfortable enough with your bedroom set to relax at night. Your bedroom set will supply you with most, if not all, of your bedroom furniture. There is no shortage of styles, sizes and colors of bedroom sets from which to choose.

Buying a Bedroom Set:

  1. Consider the size and layout of your bedroom. This may determine the size of the furniture pieces you can fit into the room comfortably as well as the number of pieces you can purchase in a set. It would be helpful to have measurements of your bedroom.

  2. Select the size of your bed. Beds are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, California king and king size. Twin XL beds are as wide as twin beds but longer, and California king beds are longer than king-size beds but narrower. Decide where you are going to place your bed. Then measure out the space your preferred bed size will take up in your bedroom, making sure you still have space to move around the room and other furniture. If you already have a mattress you like, keep that size in mind while you shop.

  3. Determine the number of pieces you want in your bedroom set. Complete bed sets typically include the bed, a nightstand, a dresser with mirror and a chest of drawers. In most cases, you must purchase the mattress separately. If you have a smaller bedroom, you may want to limit yourself to a three-piece bedroom set.

  4. Select a design. Consider the atmosphere you would like to create in your bedroom and choose a bed set to match. Popular bedroom furniture styles include contemporary, country, shaker, mission and traditional.

  5. Choose a style for your bed. Available styles include sleigh beds, storage beds, poster beds and platform beds.

  6. Select a color and finish. The color or finish of a bed set will affect the design of the bedroom. Popular colors and finishes for bedroom sets include black, brown, cherry, mahogany, maple, natural, silver, walnut and white.

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