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How to Buy a Bed in a Bag

by Diane Todd

Bed in a bag

Your bedroom should be a place of retreat. A well-designed bedroom will make you feel like royalty in your home. You don't have to be a professional designer to coordinate aesthetic bedding. The job is done for you in the form of a bed in a bag. These handy items make it simple to create a luxurious suite for a fraction of the cost of buying individual items. Finding the right bed in a bag will make decorating your bedroom much easier. Look below to learn how to buy a bed in a bag.

Buying a Bed in a Bag:

  1. Assess the situation. Make a quick assessment of your bedroom and see what you will need. Some bed-in-a-bag sets come with accessories, so shop accordingly. For example, a standard set comes with a bed covering -- comforter, duvet cover or bedspread -- and one or two pillow shams, depending on the size of the bed. Other sets include sheets and some come with bed skirts.

  2. Select your size. Most bed-in-a-bag sets come in twin, full, queen and king sizes. Twin sets usually include one standard-size pillow sham. Full and queen sizes include two standard pillow shams. King sets include two king-size pillow shams. If the set comes with sheets, the pillowcases will be sized the same way.

  3. Be aware of nontraditional sizes. Some manufacturers make two additional sizes: twin XL and California king. The twin XL was designed for college students because dorm-room beds are traditionally longer than a standard twin. A twin-XL sheet set contains a fitted sheet that is five inches longer than a standard twin fitted sheet. The flat sheet is the same length as a traditional flat sheet. The California king bed is four inches narrower and four inches longer than a traditional king-size bed, which is sometimes called an Eastern king. You will need California king-size fitted sheets for this type of mattress.

  4. Choose your bed cover. Comforters are traditionally puffy, decorative blankets that fully cover the top of beds with approximately five inches of material that hangs over each side and the end of beds. Bedspreads are normally quilts or large blankets that cover beds fully down to the ground on three sides; they're meant to cover the pillows on beds as well. Duvet covers fit over duvets, which are slightly smaller than comforters.

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