How to Arrange Pillows on a Bed
A beautiful bedroom with a gorgeous arrangement of throw pillows

Bed Decoration Basics

The best thing about arranging pillows on your bed is that there’s no real wrong way to do it. However, there are some basic methods that you can build on to create a gorgeous pillow arrangement. Before you start stacking pillows, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.


First, think of your headboard:


  1. A headboard that is 2 feet high or more lends itself well to a robust arrangement with multiple pillows propped up for maximum decorative effect.
  2. If you have no headboard to speak of, then you may want to consider a more basic arrangement using stacked pillows.
  3. Beds with open-frame metal headboards also look best with a small number of pillows that won’t obscure the decorative framework.
  4. In general, beds with solid, uniformly shaped headboards allow the most versatility when it comes to decorating with throw pillows.


The second thing to plan is the color scheme of your bed and throw pillows:


  1. If you’re starting from scratch, you have the freedom to bring home an entire set of complementary bedroom furniture, decor, and bedding that creates the look you want.
  2. If you have already established a bedroom color palette or style, then choose throw pillows that further your desired theme. Pay attention to the color, shape, and fabric of pillows or shams to ensure a cohesive bedroom feel.
  3. Or, you could work backwards by finding a must-have throw pillow that the rest of your arrangement can be based on. Whatever method you choose, creating your own unique look can be refreshing and fun.


Finally, before you get decorating, consider the overall look and style you want to achieve:


  1. There are a number of different ways to arrange pillows on a bed, whether you enjoy the streamlined look of only a few necessary sleeping pillows or the luxury aesthetic of multiple decorative throws. A beautiful set of coordinated throw pillows adds texture and interest to your bedroom design, along with the benefit of increased comfort and support.