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How to Arrange Mismatched Dining Chairs in Your Dining Room

How to Arrange Mismatched Dining Chairs in Your Dining Room

Give your dining area a look that exudes a wholly unique style and personality with a mismatched assortment of dining chairs. This trendy design technique provides visual interest that simply can't be matched by matching chairs. To pull off this style in your own dining room, try using one of these four simple methods to help you mix and match dining chairs to create the perfect dining room design.

4 Ways to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

1. Different Colors of the Same Chair

One of the simplest ways to ensure an arrangement of mismatched chairs still looks cohesive is to choose the same chairs in a variety of different colors. This technique works well in dining areas where you want a concrete style with eye-catching pops of color. Mid-century-style plastic chairs come in a spectrum of hues, and tapered wood legs and molded seats help tie the mismatched look together. You can also keep things a little more traditional with identical wood dining chairs featuring different colored stains and finishes.

2. Different Chairs with a Shared Characteristic

Another great way to mix and match is to choose chairs that are all different styles but share one prominent characteristic. This characteristic could be anything from color to upholstery to design. Try surrounding your dining table with a collection of mismatched wood chairs in a matching stain for an old-fashioned style, or bring together various plush chairs upholstered in leather. Make sure whatever standout characteristic you choose is noticeable enough to neatly tie all the dining chairs together.

3. Mix and Match by Placement

You can also mix up your chairs based on their placement at the table. Bringing in a mismatched chair based on its placement lets you easily integrate different styles while accenting the overall arrangement. Swap out the chairs at the ends of a rectangular table with chairs of a different style to create a look that is both balanced and mismatched. A bench along one side of your table can easily switch up the look, and integrating only one different chair at a circular table can highlight a specific spot in your seating area.

4. Totally Eclectic

For a totally free-spirited design, throw caution to the wind and curate a collection of chairs that is totally unique. Experiment with using different colors and a variety of styles to create an arrangement that exudes personality and charm. This method of picking mismatched chairs may not be an exact science, but chairs that communicate a similar design language will help keep the look cohesive without taking away from each piece’s individual style.