How to Arrange Furniture in a Square Living Room

How to Arrange Furniture in a Square Living Room

While some homeowners might think that it is easy to arrange furniture in a square room, the opposite is actually true. Square spaces are difficult to arrange because there are no narrow spaces in which to tuck a conversation area or reading corner. Living room furniture in square spaces tends to end up being pushed against each wall, which is a cold and uninteresting arrangement. The solution is to bring the furniture away from the walls and create some cozy areas.



Find the focal point.

This is usually a fireplace or television. Then, place a large rug in front of the focal point. This will define a conversation area.


Position the sofa on the edge of the rug so that it is facing the focal point.

Your sofa should be about 10 feet away from the focal point and not touching the back wall of the room.


Place a loveseat on one of the short ends of the area rug.

This placement will allow you to position a television on the wall across from the loveseat, if the focal point is a fireplace. Put a floor lamp or end table between the loveseat and sofa.


Set a coffee table or ottoman in the middle of the rug, centered in front of the sofa.

Whether you choose a coffee table or ottoman will depend on your personal preference and the other furniture in the room. If you don’t have any end tables, you might need to add a coffee table instead of an ottoman. However, many ottomans can act as coffee tables with tops that can be flipped over, offering a hard, flat surface.


Add a chair.

Arrange a chair and another end table or floor lamp at the corner of the area rug on a diagonal opposite the loveseat so that it is facing the loveseat and sofa.


Try creating a cozy reading corner next to the fireplace or focal point with some bookshelves, a floor lamp and a comfortable chair. Or, put a round table there for playing board games.