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How to Arrange Children's Room Furniture

by Katie Duzan

Sisters in a very messy room

When deciding where to put children's furniture, keep two things in mind: The room should provide ample and convenient storage to keep toys and clothing out of the way and also provide a place to play during the day. With some strategy and planning, kids' furniture can provide for both play and storage. When arranged properly, kids' room furniture makes the room look attractive as well.

Arranging a Child's Room:

  1. Consider bed placement. First, decide where the bed should go. Most rooms have the bed on the opposite wall facing the door. To prevent your child from getting too cold at night, avoid putting his bed directly underneath drafty windows.

  2. Leave room to move. Kids should be able to move freely around their room without bumping into any furniture. If necessary, measure the room and the furniture to decide how to make the most of the space. Overcrowding prevents kids from playing in their room with their toys.

  3. Go for the foot. Put the toy chest at the end of the bed. Toy chests look great at the foot of the bed, and they take up less wall space there.

  4. Look at tables. Put bedside tables or other small tables next to the head of the bed. If there are two bedside tables and the child's bed is in the middle of the wall, place one table on each side of the bed. Bedside tables provide a place for a reading lamp and an alarm clock.

  5. Corner it. Put any chairs in an open corner of the room. This keeps them out of the way when they're not being used. You might also want to consider stackable chairs or beanbag chairs.

  6. Plan around it. Use space as the guide for the remaining furniture. Always keep in mind the need for open space.

  7. Create a space for everything. Whatever doesn't have a designated place in the room, expect to find it in the middle of the room. Avoid this by having ample storage chests and shelving. Also, if space is an issue or your child has larger objects that don't fit anywhere, buy him a loft bed and store larger items underneath.

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