How to Arrange Baby Nursery Furniture

How to Arrange Baby Nursery Furniture

Preparing the nursery for your new baby entails more than just picking out a theme. The baby nursery furniture you choose is just as exciting and important. But once you've selected the perfect baby furniture, how do you arrange it in the nursery? The placement of baby nursery furniture can help set up a nursery that is comfortable and accessible for both you and your baby. Arranging your baby nursery furniture can also help keep your baby safe from the few hazards that a nursery can hold. The following tips can help you arrange your baby nursery furniture, no matter how small or large your nursery is.

Arranging Baby Nursery Furniture:



Before you begin organizing baby nursery furniture in the nursery, you’ll want to measure both the room and the furniture you have selected to make sure everything will fit and to decide where it will fit. A certain wall or alcove may be perfect for a crib, but if it doesn’t fit, you’ll have to redesign where to place your baby furniture.



The crib is the most important piece of baby nursery furniture because that is where your baby will be spending a lot of time, especially as an infant. You want to avoid placing the crib against walls shared with a bathroom or other noisy room. You’ll also want to place the crib away from windows to avoid injuries from broken glass or to keep your baby from pulling and strangling on cords for curtains or blinds. If you hang decorations or pictures on the wall above the crib, you’ll want to pull the crib away from the wall a few inches in case the decorations happen to fall. You’ll also want to place the crib within sight of the door so you can check on your sleeping baby as you pass by. Due to a recent ban by the U.S. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, avoid drop-side crib styles.


Changing Table

Placing the changing table near the door of the nursery makes it easy for you to access this piece of baby nursery furniture when bringing your baby from another area of the house for a diaper change. You’ll also want to keep the changing table far enough away from the crib that little hands can’t reach it or anything on it.



You’ll want to have the baby dresser close enough to the changing table to make it easy for you to grab clean clothes when you need them without having to take your eyes off your baby. Since the dresser is the piece of baby nursery furniture that usually houses a lamp and baby monitor, you’ll want to have it close enough to the door that you can access these items and also close enough to the crib that the baby monitor will pick up your baby’s cries.


Rocker or glider

The rocker or glider is the piece of baby nursery furniture that is primarily for you. You’ll want to make sure it is arranged in a way to make you comfortable. Having the chair near the crib makes taking a sleeping baby back to bed a short trip.