Home Office Lighting Ideas

Home Office Lighting Ideas

When you get your home office lighting levels just right, it’s shown to boost job satisfaction and bring down stress. And now that so many of us are working from home, it’s more important than ever to improve your home office lighting. Enhance your productivity and bring polish and shine to your workday with these tips on how to get the best lighting for your home office.


Establish Overall Ambiance With Multiple Fixtures

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With robust lighting options, you’ll avoid feeling strained by harsh bulbs or drained by dim ones. Plus, you’ll consume less energy and save on electricity bills. Here’s how to mix in multiple lighting sources for a productive mindset:

  1. First, establish low lighting overhead for an even office glow. You can achieve ambient lighting with a large fixture, like a pendant or chandelier. Suspending a pair on either side of your desk will be better for a smooth distribution of light. Consider recessed bulbs or angled track lights for more scattered coverage — this might be helpful in a shared office space.
  2. Hang decorative wall sconces above or behind your desk for accent lighting. This softens the look of the space for work that requires more meditation. Tasteful under-cabinet lights will have the same subtle effect for a built-in desk.
  3. Next, add practical task lighting to bring crisp, vivid focus to each workday activity. You might choose a desk lamp for writing or an arced floor lamp for reading. Ideal task lighting should have clean lines and a slim base to give you plenty of workroom.

Read more on Types of Lighting to understand proper layering, or check out Tips on Buying Home Lighting Fixtures to help determine how bright your office lights should be.


Arrange Your Office to Avoid Glares and Shadows

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The best home office lighting depends on your hours. Visit your office space and take note of where shadows and glares fall during your workday. If your office lighting is screaming off reflective surfaces, it’ll build a stress headache. If it’s too dark, you’ll have to squint to focus and the lack of lighting will dampen morale. Either way, you’ll be moody by the end of the day and not have much to show for it.


  • To prevent glares: Positioning your desk to face north or south can combat the sun’s stages. This might not be a big deal when you’re working with pen and paper, but metallic decor or glossy desk surfaces can blind a videoconference call. Direct lighting from overhead fixtures can also be super reflective. Simply counteract the beams with evenly spaced table lamps on both ends of your desk. You might also pare down your color scheme for a neutral palette, which isn’t as radiant.


  • To prevent shadows: A strategically placed mirror can bounce rays around your office. But to correct shady spots, add a few corner fixtures. Adjustable arms are particularly handy. Upward lamp shades can also alter the intensity and color of your lighting. Just be sure that whether you’re an early bird or burning the midnight oil that you have the right bulb wattage. Read our Light Bulb Conversion Guide or brush up on Types of Light Bulbs to adjust brightness.

Choose Cohesive Fixtures to Pinpoint Your Office Style


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It’s okay to be ambitious when it comes to your home office light fixtures. If you’re looking for a striking texture and shape, learn how to style Lighting by Trend. The dimension and personality will make your office the perfect place to thrive.


  • Start With Size: Your home office ceiling light can act as your gleaming focal point. If you’re leaning traditional (or wanting to impress clients), opt for a massive, many-armed chandelier with a lot of crystals. For the curated, clutter-free appeal of modernity, hang a single, sensible pendant with an airy silhouette. This is great for work that gets down to the brass tacks. Every type of lighting fixture exists in a range of styles. Just try to match your lighting choices to the weight of your office furniture to create balance. For example, you’ll want sleek fixtures for uncomplicated, linear furniture frames. But go big and bold to rival a rich and stately aesthetic.


  • Unify the Shape and Material: Look for hints in the decorative details. Geometric pieces with metallic finishes are fit for a mid-modern office. Light fixtures forged from wood and iron will pair well with a rustic or industrial design. Curvy, mirrored lighting is fit for glam luxury, while tasseled or beaded fixtures border on a coastal boho mashup.


Always ensure your fixture is compatible with your bulb for the best performance. Read more on specific Types of Lighting Fixtures to spend wisely.


Adjust Office Lighting for Comfort and Clarity

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By now, we’ve stressed that bad office lighting puts your work at a greater risk for error. It also drags down your health and happiness by making you feel cranky and depressed. Here’s how to keep your home office feeling sunny instead of sleepy.


  • Invite Natural Light: Arrange your office furniture towards an outdoor view. Bright, clean, natural light makes your desk seem more approachable. This allows you to enter the workday with a sense of calm. In rooms where there are few windows, use halogen light bulbs, which are closest to natural light. Combine a bulb with warm colors and low wattage to mimic daylight’s friendly glimmer. Lighting your desk with a low-intensity bulb will also help to avoid ugly, harsh contrasts. Make sure to stick to a similar bulb temperature to balance your home office lighting. Our guide to Types of Light Bulbs can help you distinguish your best light for working.


  • Reduce Heat and Brightness: Whether you’re using analogue or digital tools, you’ll need to rest your eyes. Take advantage of computer screen filters to start. When you’re using your computer, turn down any unnecessary ambient or task lighting that can cause overexposure. Dimmable bulbs can also help cast office lighting that’s both gentle and expressive. Bring in sheer curtains or adjustable blinds to filter sunlight, which will keep your office cool. You can also soothe your space by hanging leafy plants in the window to create dappled lighting.

Now that you’ve got some home office lighting ideas to make the most of your space, check out our Home Lighting Ideas for Every Room or learn 10 Ways to Make Working From Home More Productive.