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Home Office Layout Ideas

Home Office Layout Ideas

Fitting a home office into your unique space can be challenging. Whether you’re splitting a workspace with your partner or squeezing a little extra use out of a small apartment, use these layout ideas. Read on to discover the home office design that’s right for you.


Family Home Office Layout

If you’re fending off kids and pets to get work done, consider a standing desk to elevate your keyboard out of reach. Standing desks also present a smaller footprint than conventional desks, giving you extra space for filing cabinets or computer equipment. An open home office layout fits smoothly with existing living room or rec room, letting you switch between work and family life at a moment’s notice. Subtle boundaries such as an area rug under the desk or a framing set of shelves set your workspace apart from the rest of the room. If you need privacy, set up an alcove desk and shelves that let you turn your back on distractions.


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Small Apartment Home Office Layout

When every square foot counts, use multifunctional pieces to make the most of your home office. Storage ottomans provide room for office supplies under their padded tops, and c-tables pull up to give you a working-height surface right in your living room. Stash your supplies close by in a nightstand or vanity, and let the surface double as a printer stand. A console table can serve as a desk to free up living space, and compact standing desks fit easily into small home office layouts. Consider a convertible desk, which folds down from the wall to give you room to work without sacrificing floor space.


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Shared Home Office Layout

Sharing office space can be efficient and enjoyable, but be sure to double-check your home office design first. Look into an open office layout with ample space to keep work materials separate. A set of chairs around a lift-top coffee table keeps your space flexible for off-the-cuff collaboration as well as after-work relaxation. If you thrive with close contact, consider a partner desk with room for two, but if you crave boundaries, perpendicular desks or a back-to-back arrangement let you concentrate on your personal projects.


Layout for Home Offices in Multi-Use Spaces

When you can’t spare a separate room for your work, try setting your home office up in an unused niche. Pair a small desk with pretty storage crates or combine a console table with a set of floating shelves on your staircase wall to create a work area with accessible storage and a compact footprint. Stay aware of window placement so you can work comfortably through the day, or buy a wheeled table to let you move with the sunlight. If your office space is part of a larger room, create your own nook with a cubby bookshelf or two for a spacious feel with built-in organization.

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