Home Office Ideas

    Home Office Ideas

    When your office reflects your personality, it becomes an organizational hub that keeps your home and life running smoothly. From chic to cozy, and elegant to executive, check out our top 10 home office ideas for decorating tips and shoppable inspiration.


    Modern Home Office Ideas

    Organization and efficiency are characteristics of a modern home office. Look to form and function for a fuss-free workspace: choose a sophisticated desk with clean lines and pair it with a geometric chair for an abstract twist. Positioned over your desk, a lone metallic pendant will offer both task lighting and visual interest. Keeping essentials simple means art and accessories can be bold. Set against a sleek backdrop, the fun, whimsical glow of neon wall art adds warmth to a modern home office. For more on creating an open-air aesthetic, see our guide to Modern Interior Design Ideas.


    Glam Home Office Ideas


    A glam home office blends gilded metallic finishes and a soothing pastel palette for a luxury look. Start with a glass desk and a gold chair to capture glam’s luxe, seductive appeal. Then add more elements of glimmer and shimmer, like a lavish mirror or wall art. This not only increases the fancy factor, but it can also visually expand your home office to make it appear larger. For a finishing touch, toss a plush, neutral faux fur throw pillow into your glam accessory mix. See more designs with our Glam Furniture & Decor Ideas.


    Minimalist Home Office Ideas

    Polished tone and texture are the foundation of a minimalist home office. Rely on slim, straight-lined furniture for a clear-cut workspace free from distractions. Encourage productivity with reflective bright whites, balanced by a few matte blacks. Natural materials can cozy up your crisp Scandinavian palette. Add graphic interest to your minimalist home office by bringing in a smooth blonde wood desk, bristly seagrass storage baskets, and a fluffy or flatweave rug in a monochrome pattern. For more starkly Nordic inspiration, see our Scandinavian Decor Ideas.


    Contemporary Home Office Ideas

    Mix Modern design’s streamlined subtlety with Transitional’s soft curves and you get a contemporary home office. Think in contrast: an expressive area rug or artwork muted by delicate undertones; a raw wood desk topped by a metal task lamp. This style provides a fresh take on the familiar, an ideal setting for creativity to strike. To keep your contemporary home office from feeling cluttered, make use of organic shapes and natural fibers. For example, the armless linen chair and caged bamboo planter help visual flow in this Contemporary Interior Design.


    Industrial Home Office Ideas

    An industrial home office revels in exposed brick and non-glossy finishes, like a warehouse repurposed as a city loft. Your shelving, bookcase, and desk will be constructed of rustic wood and metal pipes. Fill these items with stylish wire baskets to keep your paperwork organized. A sturdy cowhide or jute area rug can add warmth, comfort, and texture to the concrete floors that embody the essence of an industrial home office. Hang clear glass Edison bulbs with visible filaments to complete your raw vintage look. For more on fostering an urban feel, see Industrial Furniture & Decor Ideas.


    Mid-Century Modern Home Office Ideas

    Casual classics define the iconic mid-century modern home office. It’s an earthy, ergonomic blend perfect for a relaxing work environment. Stick to furniture shaped by sharp lines and tapered legs, made from walnut wood frames and tweed or cotton upholstery. Low profiles and saturated colors add to the aesthetic of a bygone era, so brighten your mid-century modern office with a vibrant flatweave that can easily be rolled over by your chair. For more retro chic designs, see our Mid-Century Modern Furniture & Decor Ideas.


    Traditional Home Office Ideas

    For a formal place of business to burn the midnight oil, consider the traditional home office. Long-lasting structures and ample storage are staples of this style. Add heft with a desk, bookshelf, and computer chair carved from durable dark-bodied hardwoods. Clawed feet and iron-coated craftsmanship indicate the stately grace worthy of a CEO, while the rich intricacy of a floral or scrolled Persian rug will ensure your traditional home office is truly timeless. For more on reinventing what it means to be refined, see our guide to New Traditional Style.


    Transitional Home Office Ideas

    Impress any client or business partner with the flexible, neutral style of a transitional home office. Open air and clean lines combine traditional and contemporary styles, imbuing the ornately vintage with a hint of modernity. A reclaimed wood desk or console is unexpectedly elegant and perfectly embodies a little of the old and new. Go for gently curved seating that’s both elevated and inviting. Handsome embellishments like tufting or quilting can add subtle grandeur to your transitional home office. For more ways to merge classic comforts and chic innovation, check out How to Decorate Your Home in Transitional Style.


    Bohemian Home Office Ideas

    If you’re in need of an ambitious studio to immerse yourself in creative pursuits, gather wordly inspiration from a bohemian home office. Natural elements are key to a hands-on workshop: mix mid-century tweeds and leathers with glam furs and velvets for an eclectic tactile experience. Those fabrics should pull patterns from corners of the globe, stretching between Aztec and Moroccan motifs. A bohemian home office is also full of handmade and distressed decor with storied details to spark curiosity in the free-spirited artist. For more uniquely bold style, see our Boho Chic Furniture & Decor Ideas.


    Coastal Home Office Ideas

    A coastal home office sparkles with the easy, breezy calm of ocean views, perfect for a work retreat. Rock a surging tide of wavy blues and crested whites in your furniture. Glazed ceramics like a table lamp or pencil holder can echo sea glass, while knotted ship rope can be rigged with a caned desk chair and a trellis-patterned rug. Add a wicker basket or storage chest to stash office supplies. Nautical elements should make an appearance, so accent your coastal home office with sculptural objects or wall art that feature starfish, coral, or seashells. For more seaside style, see our Coastal Furniture & Decor Ideas.