Home Office Furniture Ideas

Home Office Furniture Ideas

Is your home office just a lonely desk in a room? Adding strategically selected furniture makes your office a multifunctional room to maximize your home’s space. We’ve gathered ideas for furniture pieces that serve your office well and let you get more use out of your home.


Home Office Desk

A functional desk is a core piece of any setup. Going big with an L-shaped or a U-shaped desk gives you much deeper productivity support. With integrated drawers, vertical files, cabinets, and open shelving, these substantial desks serve as central command stations that match your ambitions. These desks are smart buys if you occasionally invite clients and coworkers to your private home office, as they exude an undeniably professional tone perfect for conducting interviews and running small meetings.


Working from home isn’t always about spreadsheets and sales. If you’re a creative type who needs room to experiment with artwork, illustration, or other graphic design, pick up a craft desk with a built-in drafting table. You can tilt these handy drawing surfaces to just the right angle, allowing you to work comfortably all day long on that epic graphic novel or commissioned portrait.


You can also easily turn a gaming desk into a perfect web development work area, as these desks are built with space for multiple monitors and extended accessories. These media-minded desks are also excellent for professional and aspiring musicians, audio engineers, podcasters, and v-loggers.


For more details, check out our guides to Types of Desks and How to Choose a Desk.


Home Office Daybed

Smart multifunctional pieces help you cover multiple bases to save space and money. Turn your workspace into an effective office/guestroom hybrid or make the most of tight space in a studio apartment by adding a daybed. Part seating and part nighttime accommodations, a daybed resembles a couch with a high back on the long side and two arms along the shorter ends.


Its supportive yet cushioning mattress lets you sit or sleep comfortably. The tailored finish creates cozy, professional office seating when you entertain clients, or, when you want a change from your office chair, it gives you a place to read and rest. When you have friends or family staying over, they can enjoy a real bed instead of sleeping on a sofa or air mattress.


Home Office Accent Chair

Pull up a seat for visitors with matching home office accent chairs. They add a decorative touch and supply functional seating. Having cushioned seating in your office makes a positive impression if clients or coworkers visit you in your home workspace. The chairs also give your family members a spot to sit if they stop by to chat while you’re working. When you’re entertaining and need more seating in your living or dining room, you can grab the accent chairs from your office to provide guests with comfortable, padded seating.


Check out our guide on How to Choose an Accent Chair to find the best fit for your home office.


Home Office Armoire

Closet and storage space is at a premium in many homes, especially older houses. Adding an armoire to your home office incorporates extra storage. Armoires come in a range of sizes with cabinet-style storage featuring shelves, drawers, closet rods, and cubbies. Your office armoire can hide your larger equipment and smaller supplies until you need them, or you can use it to store your guest’s luggage if your office doubles as a guest room.

Work-from-home and self-employment situations are more common than ever and finding a place to focus can be tough in a busy home. Make your extra room into a dedicated home office — or get the most out of a multipurpose area — with these Home Office Ideas and Home Office Decor Ideas.