Home Office Decor Ideas

Home Office Decor Ideas

The right home office decor can boost morale, helping you to feel engaged throughout the workdaySo whether you’re a seasoned telecommuter or a work-from-home novice, give your office the inviting style it needs with these home office decor ideas.


Inspirational Wall Art

In an office, wall decor can play a functional role. Floating shelves not only perk up a bare wall — they also give you a place to display books, plants, award plaques, and family photos. A chalkboard-painted wall pulls double duty as a visual accent piece and a reminder board. Doodle upon it to set up your schedule and express your artistic side. Or deck out a whiteboard with a scattering of magnets and markers to make your workspace your own.


Color is proven to affect your mood, so as you add to your office walls, surround yourself with soothing shades of blue or grey paint. Pops of invigorating gold can keep you energized. You can bring in the bolder hues through a pretty patterned wallpaper or motivational wall art. Ensure that your chosen canvas or print complements your aesthetic: Pair evocative cityscape photography with minimalist furniture for the look of a modern professional. A brash pop art print is fit for a glam workspace, while a bright, colorful wall tapestry belongs in an artist’s boho den.


Roll-Friendly Area Rug

A home office area rug should have a low pile – the flatter the rug, the better. This helps resist wear and snags. Taller fibers look and feel more luxurious but can collapse easily under foot traffic and get tangled up in caster wheels. So, for rooms with heavy furniture or rolling chairs, look for a rug with Berber-style loops. Natural fiber rugs, like ones made from jute or bamboo, also make good rolling surfaces when they have a tight weave. Make sure the rug covers enough area to let you move your chair freely without catching the edges.


Light-Filtering Shades and Curtains

Choose window treatments ideal for the location of your home office and the position of your work equipment. For north-facing rooms or sunny windows, consider blackout curtains to prevent glare and heat buildup. Layered window treatments can also help you block out bright sunlight, so try hanging opaque panels over your blinds. Cellular shades and semi-sheer curtain fabrics filter the sun for glare-free natural lighting, allowing you to work comfortably all day. Look to vertical blinds if you want adjustable shade. They have wider slats and don’t pass as much sunlight as horizontal blinds.


Charming Office Accessories

Home office accessories can make all  the difference between a workday that drags on and one that flies by. For sensible add-ons, consider a polished pair of bookends and goldtone organizers, like a file sorter and pencil holder. Or go natural with luxury accessories, like a desk fountain, potted plant, or mini Zen garden, purely for a sense of calm and mental wellness. You can combine practical and peace of mind: Take a moment for yourself with an electric kettle and a side table that’s sized just right for a mug of tea. Check out Home Office Organization Ideas for more time-saving decor.

A personalized workspace empowers you to knock out the day’s tasks. It’s simply a matter of style. Check out even more Home Office Ideas for your space.