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Home Lighting: Lamp Design

by Lindsay Wilcox

Bronze table lamp

Add style and warm light to your decor with the perfect lamp for your bedroom, hallway or living room. There's no need to sit in the dark when you can brighten up corners with unique lamps and stylish lighting and ceiling fans or snuggle in with good book by the light of your bedside lamps. This guide will provide you with tips on finding the perfect lamp designs for your home.

Lamp Lighting Design:

  1. Go retro. Placing a few antique lamps in your living room, especially if the rest of your decor is equally eclectic, will give you an easy, laid-back style that guests will remember. Buy lamps with similar colors, shapes and lamp shades to pull the room together. Set your antique lamps on matching end tables to add extra polish.

  2. Stand tall. Brighten a dimly lit family room with a sturdy floor lamp. For studying or reading, you'll want to buy a tall style with an extendable neck for extra light, but there's no reason not to buy lamps that are decorative and add the finishing touches to your room. A Tiffany-style torchiere floor lamp is elegant and works with both contemporary and vintage decor.

  3. Create a peaceful atmosphere. Your bedroom should be a relaxing, comforting place, so it's important to buy bedside lamps that provide calming light. Look for a table lamp that is bright enough for reading in the morning or evening; avoid accent lamps that cast a harsh light, especially if you'll be reading late and don't want to keep your partner awake.

  4. Think modern. Contemporary lamps with clean, straight lines and monochromatic color schemes are the perfect accent to urban decor. Of course, contemporary lamps can also ground busy prints and a diverse mix of furniture. Try accent lamps with simple shades and square bases to anchor a room full of vintage collections and bright colors.

  5. Look for pieces that stand out. When you have a corner that needs a bit of color, unique lamps are the perfect accents. Look at modern lamps with plenty of light for a great reading nook and find a bright, whimsical table lamp to make a statement in your hallway or entryway. Spruce up your modern lamps with patterned lamp shades, too, for an easy update in any room.

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