Home Improvement Ideas

Home Improvement Ideas

With the weather warming up and the days growing longer, this is your moment to tackle that to-do list and start (or finish) all those pet projects you’ve been putting off. Here are a few home renovation suggestions to stay productive and improve your living space.


Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Tune-Up Major Appliances
Do a quick sweep and decide whether any major appliances need an overhaul to get you through the long-term of homecooked meals: from that gurgling garbage disposal to the absence of a range hood (take it from us: rid your kitchen of overbearing heat and fumes). Cook faster with an energy-efficient stove or store more emergency preparedness goods with a double-door fridge. Even adding the flexibility of a pull-down or pull-out kitchen faucet can save time when you’re doing the dishes.


Customize Your Cabinets and Counters
If your version of home improvement is all about affordable aesthetic shortcuts, add a new coat of paint or varnish to cabinet doors, then replace knobs with flashy hardware on doors and drawers. Check out our guides on How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Tips on Choosing New Cabinet Pulls for ideas. You can also explore our guides to the Best Budget-Friendly Kitchen Flooring Options and Best Types of Tile for Kitchen Countertops for more extensive kitchen renovation ideas.


Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures
Most of us start and end our day in the bathroom, so it’s important that each day begin positively. Start with the main events: Choosing a New Toilet can help withstand your family’s increased plumbing usage, or you can bring in a bidet so you never worry about a shortage of toilet paper. To raise or lower your water pressure to your standards, switch out showerheads (another home improvement opportunity to save on energy costs). Or skip the pressure altogether and opt for a soothing soaking tub or steam room, which could be your new best friend amid chaos.


Mount New Hardware
You’re spending a lot of time washing your hands and your bathroom sink’s shape, size, and material will largely determine the difference between a gas-station versus spa-like experience. You’ll want a quick wipe down and plenty of room for pampering, especially in shared bathrooms between kids, couples, or roommates. Porcelain sinks are speedy to clean, while metal sinks are super durable. Learn How to Remove a Bathroom Sink if it’s time for an upgrade. Consider shopping sink and faucet sets for a bundled deal and cohesive look.


Enhance Your Aesthetic
If style is your passion project, paint your bathroom vanity or install new countertops for bold new appeal. A gorgeous backsplash can prevent water damage to the wall behind your sink. We have home improvement guides that cover How to Add a Backsplash, from Choosing the Colors to the Best Type of Tile. But again, replacing hardware, like your toilet paper holder or towel rack, can lead to small DIY renovations with big visual payoff.


Home Lighting Ideas

Remember: Protect your budget and your neighborhood power supply by being realistic about your lighting expertise before you begin. Consult a licensed electrician before tackling a lighting overhaul.


Add Safety and Convenience
Looking to improve your family’s quality of life? Start with comfort. Install a summer-ready ceiling fan on your screened-in porch or upgrade your switches to dimmers to create the perfect ambiance for Netflix binges. Landscape lighting on the lawn, recessed lighting in your shower, and under-cabinet lights in your kitchen can all provide practical, beautiful clarity to simplify nighttime navigation. Not to mention a welcome sense of security.


Maximize Energy Usage
For green initiatives that will save on energy bills, invest in solar lighting or convert to longer-lasting LED bulbs. As you’re deciding between Types of Lighting Fixtures and Types of Light Bulbs for your renovations, research the color, temperature, and brightness that will work best for each room and the people using it — it’ll help to avoid harsh glares and burnt bulbs.


Swap Lighting Styles
For trend-based touchups, explore new Lighting Styles to boost your mood and your home value. Once you’ve landed on a shape and material that unifies your decor, consider rewiring gorgeous new Fixtures in Every Room. Check out our Home Lighting Design Tips for more details.


Home Storage Ideas

Organize Each Room
Spending more time at home has provided us the time to get everything ship-shape. Start with kitchen and pantry storage to keep track of inventory (you may have a lot of groceries since you’re not dining out as much). An entryway bench or hall tree can prevent clutter from crossing the threshold, while cubes and closet systems can get every wardrobe in working order. Bathroom shelving and cabinets can corral your toiletries, which will help cut down on germs and stress. Bookcases and desk organizers can likewise clear your home office for greater productivity. Your garage can be tidied up with a corkboard or workbench for tools, with hangers for bikes or sports equipment. And laundry room shelving units – need we say more?


Wall and Floor Renovation Ideas

Modernize From Top to Bottom
As you’re sheltering in place, shelter in style. From crown molding to baseboards, don’t overlook the impact of flooring and ceiling renovations. Upgrade that shaggy 70s carpeting with a sleek surface like a hardwood, laminate, or vinyl alternative, which are all faster-cleaning. And once you’ve broken ground on your home improvement projects, elevate the look of your ceiling with dimensional tiles or coffered beams. These unexpected details will set your style apart.


Paint or Panel Your Walls
Wall coverings can breathe new life into your space without having to update furniture. For bold texture, opt for decorative wall paneling, like stones, planks, or fretwork. Easily install a pop of pattern with a trendy graphic printed wallpaper or tile. For a family-friendly activity, slap on a new coat of paint. Plaster all four corners of a room in classic blue to capture Pantone’s Color of the Year, or create a focal point with an accent wall to visually enlarge your space.


Landscaping Ideas

Freshen Up Curb Appeal
With spring weather upon us, the backyard is calling your name. Stock up on general landscaping supplies like a mower or trimmer, composter, and edgers, which will all contribute to a stunning facade. Once the lawn’s immaculate, it’ll be the little details that make a big difference. Clear your gutters, spray for pests, sand your deck, and pressure wash your home’s exterior – just don’t skimp on the work gloves for safety and sanitization.


Grow a Garden
Yard care is the perfect home improvement solution for stir-crazy individuals who’ve been feeling cooped up. A few seeds, planters, and tools are all you need to get going on a garden. Nothing will help you to feel productive during these longer days like pouring big bags of mulch for your flower beds to flourish. Don’t forget a hose or set of sprinklers to save time and make watering more efficient.


Refurnish Your Patio
If your patio is more of a social center, invest in an outdoor firepit or grill, dining set, and other Outdoor Cooking Essentials to entertain your family or socially distanced discussions with neighbors. For more intimate gatherings, invest in fencing and privacy screens.


Smart Home Ideas

smart home ideas

Install Security Systems
Since you’re probably spending a lot of your time at home, this is a great opportunity to ensure it’s a place where you can feel safe and take comfort. Consider smart home investments in surveillance and automation, like a security system with cameras, smart door locks, and home alarms and sensors. These protections can provide a sense of control to ease your anxieties.


Update Heating & Cooling
Once you’ve covered your home’s exterior, look to tech to keep your fan or furnace filter functional. Even classics like heating and cooling have top-of-the-line touch-ups, like a wifi thermostat, so you can experience climate perfection in every room at every moment. Air conditioners and air purifiers can also improve your air quality, which is helpful as allergy season kicks off. For more ways to cleanse your home’s interior, check out our Spring Cleaning Tips During Self-Quarantine.

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