Home Gym Essentials for Self-Quarantine

Home Gym Essentials for Self-Quarantine

As we all try to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, gyms are shutting down in our communities and complexes. But we can take this opportunity to become healthier at home and save money on memberships. Whether you’re craving the endorphins of your daily grind or you’re getting in shape for the first time, at-home exercise is hugely motivating. Check out these home gym essentials to get you started with your new living room fitness routine.


Remember: Overextending yourself can actually weaken your body’s defenses and also make your body prone to injury. Know your fitness limits and practice safety.


Cardio Equipment

During a public health crisis like COVID-19, it’s so important to protect yourself and others. Cardio helps to boost immune responses by keeping up a healthy heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. For those secretly hoping to return to the office with a better body, cardio is also the fastest way to lose fat.


If you have a spare corner, a beginner-level machine like a treadmillelliptical, or rower is perfect for simple, efficient workouts at your own pace (check out the Top 10 Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine). You can literally ride out social distancing with a stationary bike or add high intensity to your session with a jump rope or punching bag. Whatever form of cardio you prefer for your home gym, it’s the perfect way to reduce stress during short breaks between remote calls and meetings.


With light to moderate exercise, cardio also makes it easy to multitask. For casual workouts that aren’t focus-heavy, prop up your laptop or the novel you’ve been dying to read at the front of your machine. You can even use a yoga ball as a chair for your home office to stay alert and active.


Strength Training Equipment

As you’re transitioning to a homebound lifestyle, physical and mental wellness is more important than ever. Using your own bodyweight to change your muscle groups can help you improve specific areas and provides a huge sense of accomplishment. In comes strength training.


Classic weights always up the ante on go-to moves like planks, pushups, and leg lifts. But depending on your fitness level, it’s also easy to switch up your routines so you can awaken new muscle groups and avoid feeling stagnant. Whether it’s doorframe pullups on a chin-up bar, sit-ups with a medicine ball, stretching with resistance bands, or squats with a kettlebell, there are tons of home gym equipment options to enhance muscle building. Don’t forget your exercise mat for maximum comfort and hygiene.


The strong, active circulation that comes from strength training also allows your cells to flow freely to attack disease.


Athletic Clothing

Health is everyone’s priority right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the nice-to-haves. If you’re an active person who resents being cooped up indoors, or even just experiencing cabin fever in general, suiting up for a workout can help you to manage stress by maintaining a routine. Not to mention that changing out of your pajamas while you work from home will give you a sense of purpose. You’ll avoid losing momentum, especially when that change is into athletic attire.


Choose athletic clothing that’s comfortable and sensible for your home gym workout. Tighter-fitting clothes with good stretch provide the best mobility for aerodynamic workouts. Avoid cotton materials, which will absorb sweat and weigh you down, and plastic-based materials, which will cause you to overheat.


Supplements and Vitamins

While exercise can help clear your airways of bacteria, a strong immunity system also comes from a healthy diet. But emergency preparedness for the coronavirus is not just stocking up on fruits and vegetables — it’s also getting essential nutrients you might not be getting as much while staying indoors. For example, getting enough Vitamin D will be crucial to supplement morale while you’re out of the sun.


And if you’re starting a new exercise routine, making sure you’re getting enough vitamins is even more important. Your body needs to rebuild and repair after each session in your home gym. Look into the benefits of protein, creatine, magnesium, and more to see what’s right for your workout regimen, body type, and eating habits.



Getting your body moving will help protect the well-being of your psyche and physique. But don’t forget the tunes. Soothing or fast-paced, music has a positive impact on your mindset, making you more readily engaged with your routine. Workouts are also a great time to catch up on those podcasts. Either way, headphones are a must.


If you have roommates or family quarantining with you, using headphones during your workout will help respect their daily schedules, especially if your “home gym” is out in the open. Even if you’re self-isolated, zoning out any background noise can help you focus on making the most of your session — especially in times like these when you might be on edge.


Online Communities

Between the bro nods and fist bumps, gyms foster a sense of identity and bonding. And if you’re a gym rat, you might be nostalgic for your tribe during self-isolation. Even if you’re a newbie, leadership and comraderie on a fitness journey usually play a role in encouraging you to stay the path and keep training.


There are online solutions to feel connected and remain positive in your own home gym. Many fitness companies like Peloton, Planet Fitness, and Orange Theory are streaming free classes on apps and social media, or providing trial offers to their services as we work to contain the coronavirus. Using your phone or laptop, you can also invite a friend or family member to virtually train with you, or search hashtags to share your progress with a group.

We’re all hooked on the pandemic news cycle, but it’s important to step away from the screens to keep your mind and body healthy. Throw down a yoga mat on your balcony or plant a treadmill in front of the TV. As we ride out the quarantine, there are endless easy ways to make the most of new routines that build your physical and mental strength in your home gym.