22 Essentials for a Holiday Home Makeover
Essentials for a Holiday Home Decor Transition

1. Doormats

The holidays bring snow, rain, and a signature winter chill. You can snow proof your entryway and protect your floors with a fresh set of heavy-duty doormats designed to stand up to snow-covered boots and muddy shoes.


2. Sheets

Swapping bedsheets is a great way to prepare your bedroom and guest rooms for cool winter evenings. Swap out light fabrics, like linen and satin, for warmer options, like flannel, to make sure your family and guests stay warm and toasty all night long. Don’t be afraid to incorporate holiday colors and patterns for some additional personality.


3. Scents

Nothing welcomes the holidays like warm and familiar scents wafting through your home. Whether you use candles, scented oil diffusers, wall plug-ins, or wax-melting trays, classic holiday scents like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and spiced cranberry help to create a warm, comforting atmosphere in any room.

Hand Towels

4. Hand Towels

Swapping standard hand and dish towels for more festive options is another great way to prepare your home for the holidays. Use rich colors and charming patterns to add a touch of holiday cheer to your kitchen and bathrooms.

Bath Towels

5. Bath Towels

Few things are more comforting than wrapping up in a plush bath towel after a bath or shower, and that’s especially true in the cold winter season. Treat guests and family members to cozy new bath towels with colors and styles that match your home’s holiday decor.

Wreaths and Garlands

6. Wreaths and Garlands

Wreaths and garlands are beautiful complements to your holiday decor scheme, adding some natural greenery to your indoor space. While most holiday wreaths and garlands are made from evergreen plants, like pine and holly, you’ll find plenty of styles and plants to choose from to create the perfect holiday display in your home.

Table Linens

7. Table Linens

Whether you’re preparing a holiday feast for friends or a simple family meal, festive table linens are a great way to set the tone. You can choose solid-colored tablecloths and napkins in seasonal hues for a more refined gathering or embrace quirky holiday patterns for a more laid-back celebration.


8. Dishware

New dishware is another great way to give your dining table a holiday makeover. Whether you choose dishes that are overtly holiday themed or some that simply feature festive colors, holiday dishware is a beautiful addition to any seasonal tablescape.

Outdoor Decor

9. Outdoor Decor

The front of your home is the first thing guests see when they come to visit, so it’s a good idea to make sure your home is just as well decorated on the outside as it is inside. String lights, wreaths, and airblown inflatables lend lots of holiday personality to your outdoor space, delighting everyone who passes by.

Coffee Table Decor

10. Coffee Table Decor

The coffee table is one place where seasonal decorations really shine. You can use holiday versions of classic coffee table decor like pine-scented candles, large books filled with Christmas stories, and coasters featuring winter scenes or holiday imagery to create a gorgeous and festive coffee table look.

Wall Decor

11. Wall Decor

While it might not be practical to swap out all the wall art in your home, trading a few strategic pieces for more holiday-appropriate options can be an excellent way to prepare for the season. Paintings and other framed art pieces are always stylish additions, while wall-mounted sculptures add some fresh texture to any space.

Candle Holders

12. Candle Holders

No matter where you place them, candles and candle holders are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere during the colder months. Hefty pillar candles have a commanding presence, while thin candlesticks and scattered tealights provide a more nuanced look.

Mantel Decor

13. Mantel Decor

As the weather cools down, chances are you’ll be spending a lot more time by the fire with your friends and loved ones, making your mantel the perfect place to create a holiday display. You can use everything from wall art and candles to festive garland to give your mantel a gorgeous holiday refresh.

Throw Blankets

14. Throw Blankets

The chilly weather of the winter season is perfect for cuddling up under a cozy throw blanket or two. Thin options made from cotton or polyester are great for a little extra warmth, while heftier knit or faux-fur offerings can keep you comfortable on especially chilly days.

Accent Pillows

15. Accent Pillows

Nothing adds comfort to your space like plush and stylish accent pillows. Look for options that embrace the holiday season with winter imagery and patterns or opt for a more subtle aesthetic with solid-colored pillows that match your seasonal decor scheme.


16. Comforters

The holidays often bring with them icy temperatures and snowy weather, so it’s a good idea to swap out your beds’ lighter comforters with heftier ones. Authentic down fill makes for a comforter that’s dense, comfortable, and impressively breathable, while down-alternative comforters offer plenty of warmth at a fraction of the cost.

Duvet Covers

17. Duvet Covers

Your duvet cover is the most visible part of your bedding, and it’s the perfect time of year to swap your regular duvet covers and bedspreads for designs that match the season. A high thread count duvet cover ensures your holiday-themed bed remains just as comfortable as it is festive.

Storage Baskets

18. Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are beautiful additions to your space all year round, but they’re especially useful for storing throw blankets and other soft goods during the holiday season. Oversized basket tubs lend impressive character to your space, while smaller square baskets are great for placing on open- and cubby-style shelving.

Area Rugs

19. Area Rugs

Although it may be a bit more effort than swapping out other pieces of home decor, a new area rug can be just the change your space needs to prepare for the holidays. While you’ll want to find a rug with patterns and colors that match your home decor, you may also want to choose a rug that’s stain-resistant and easy to clean, just in case it ends up under any snowy boots.

Air Mattress

20. Air Mattresses

Overnight guests are a common occurrence during the holiday season, and you’ll want to make sure your guests stay is comfortable and cozy. Air mattresses are easy to inflate and can quickly turn any open space into an impromptu bedroom.

Snow Removal Tools

21. Snow Removal Tools

If you live in an area with regular or significant snowfall in the winter, snow removal tools are a must. Ice-melting salt is excellent for thawing porches and walkways where frozen rain can causes dangerously slick conditions, while snow shovels and plows make it easy to clear driveways and walkways whenever needed.

Snow Clothing Storage

22. Snow Clothing Storage

Your mud-room or entryway may already have a space for shoes and jackets, but as the holidays draw near it’s a good idea to create some extra space for snow boots, mittens, scarves, and winter coats as well. Benches, coat racks, and other good storage options near your front door will help snow-covered attire dry more quickly.

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