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Helpful Golf Gadgets

by Staff Writer

Golf gadgets like this range finder can enhance your game

You have the fancy clubs, the shiny shoes and the knickers, but your golf game still isn't under par. What are you to do? Well, more and better golf equipment probably won't make you better at golf (you're at the mercy of practice and genetics there), but some of the latest golf gadgets can certainly make a round of golf more enjoyable. Keep reading for information on four different golf gadgets than are helpful on the green.

Golf Gadgets:

  1. Golf course GPS units: It's often very useful to know the distance from the tee to the green or from your ball to the flag; after all, knowing which club to use depends on how far you need to hit the ball. Fortunately, you can take the guess work out of gauging distances by using golf course GPS units. Golf course GPS units are programmed with golf course maps and distances and can tell you the distance from one point to another with great accuracy.

  2. Golf ball finders: Gadget manufacturers have devised a number of methods for helping you find stray golf balls, but digital golf ball finders are the most effective. Digital golf ball finders work in one of two ways. The first type of golf ball finder uses special balls that transmit a signal to your finder, making it easy to locate. The second kind uses a video image to scan for the bright white of a golf ball; as long as a dimple or two is showing, these golf ball finders will find your ball.

  3. Digital scorecards: Keeping track of numbers is a lot like work, which you're trying to avoid when you're playing golf. Luckily, you minimize the amount of number juggling you have to do on the green with a digital scorecard. Digital scorecards are hand-held devices that handle pars, compute different kinds scoring and can even keep track of which type of stroke you're hitting, so you can just focus on playing golf.

  4. Range finders: Range finders perform a function similar to that which a GPS performs; however, they do the job very differently. Range finders are optical devices that help you determine distances with a laser. You simply look through the rangefinder at the object whose distance from yourself you want to measure and shine the laser at it. Range finders don't have visual displays like golf GPS units, but many people like them because they are versatile, allowing you to measure the distance to any point on the course.

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