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Health Benefits of Indoor Fountains

by Craig Blake

Burbling lighted fountain on a counter

Aside from their natural beauty, indoor fountains have several hidden benefits you might not know about. Placing indoor fountains in a room will add a soothing, natural and comfortable atmosphere to your home that will spread like wildfire throughout the entire house. If you have enjoyed the tranquility of outdoor fountains, bring their magic indoors. Water fountains aren't just beautiful household decorations; they are a viable health-promoting home device. If you are considering installing an indoor fountain, here are a few benefits they have to offer you and your home.

Indoor Fountain Health Benefits:

  1. Air purification: Running water attracts negative ions, which themselves attract dirt particles in the air. The combination pulls dirt out of the air and into the fountain where it can be purified. Having a wall fountain will snag dirt right out of the air that would have otherwise worked its way into your lungs.

  2. Relaxation: The sound and appearance of running water can relax your mind, even lowering tension in your joints and muscles. Being generally relaxed has a ripple of effects in your life. It's like tipping the first health domino. For example, indoor fountains, like a wall fountain, tabletop fountain or other type of water fountain, can help you become more relaxed, causing more restful sleep cycles. Getting a good night of sleep has many far-reaching health effects. An indoor fountain is just one component of a healthy and relaxed lifestyle, but it's totally worth it. You'll love the way it looks and the way it makes you feel.

  3. Stress relief: Even the calmest of individuals occasionally experiences high levels of stress. Whether you are worrying over a loved one, a difficult work or school assignment, the sun running out of fuel or anything else, indoor fountains might be able to provide the jolt of relaxation you need. When you are feeling the mental pressure of stress, there is no better place to let off steam than by your indoor fountain. Lying on the couch and closing your eyes as you listen to the water rush down the wall is the perfect medicine for your troubles. As your mind relaxes, your body will loosen as well.

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