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Hair Dryer Fact Sheet

Hair Dryer Fact Sheet

Hair Dryer Fact Sheet
A hair dryer is no longer just a tool used to quickly remove moisture from the hair. Hair dryers can tame wild frizz, lock in moisture, protect tresses from heat damage and give you professional-looking blow outs. Blow dryers have a variety of features that are made to suit each hair type and work with your natural texture rather than fighting against it. Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, dyed or natural, the modern hair dryer is versatile enough to give you a myriad of perfectly coiffed styles.
Hair Dryer Fact Sheet

About Hair Dryers:

Ceramic Dryers

Ceramic blow dryers contain ceramic heating coils, which have many benefits over traditional coils. Ceramic coils can prevent heat damage from hot spots by providing even heat distribution along the hair shaft. Ceramic heating coils are self-regulating, which means they sense surrounding temperatures on the hair surface and adjust accordingly. Ceramic professional hair dryers also produce negative ions, which can give hair a soft, lightly conditioned texture.

Ionic Dryers

Ionic dryers can produce shiny, smooth tresses, making hair healthier and more manageable. Professional hair dryers with ionic properties blow negatively charged ions of air onto the hair, forcing the hair cuticle to lie flat and trapping essential moisture. Negative ions can help reduce frizz and add body. Ionic dryers also help reduce pesky static electricity.

Hair Dryer Motors

Most blow dryers intended for home use have a DC or an AC motor. AC motors reduce noise output, making them a quiet option for early morning or late night hair-styling. If you live with someone else in cramped quarters, look for these quiet-running hair dryers. DC motors, on the other hand, are lighter in weight than AC motors and make it easier to blow dry longer hair without arm fatigue.

Other Hair Dryer Features

Hair dryers, like most hair appliances, are available with a variety of features and add-ons. Attachments can make styling your hair easier and give you better results. A concentrator nozzle directs air flow for precise drying, while a diffuser can reduce frizz and encourage curl. Cold-shot buttons help set the hair with cool air, and varied heat settings offer versatility.