Guide to Men’s Watches

How to Buy a Men’s Watch

You many think you don’t need a watch because you have a smart phone. The truth is a proper wristwatch is not just a functional accessory — it’s a style statement for men of any age. Whether you’re shopping for luxury or searching for functionality, a fine timepiece sends the message that you mean business. Show that you take your most precious asset seriously — it’s time.

Popular Men's Watch Features

Calendar Watch - Guide to Men's Watches

Calendar Watch

A calendar watch is a simple way to keep both the date and time close at hand. Available in a range of designs, calendar watches help you stay on track while looking your best.

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Waterproof Watch - Guide to Men's Watches

Waterproof Watch

Water-resistant timepieces are designed to withstand wet climates, whether you’re cliff diving in Hawaii or sweating it out at the gym. Perfect for the adventurous man, a waterproof watch will keep time come rain or shine.

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Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Guide to Men's Watches

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Get a better grip on your fitness and performance by keeping track of your progress with a heart rate monitor watch. These watches are a great way to evaluate your activity and fitness levels while staying focused on your workout.

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Chronograph Watch - Guide to Men's Watches

Chronograph Watch

Chronograph wristwatches are multipurpose tools that feature both a clock display and a stopwatch. Whether you’re shaving seconds off your laps at the gym or racing to the office, a chronograph watch will keep you on time and on trend.

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