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Glam Furniture & Decor Ideas

Glam design is where luxury meets sophistication in a glitzy decor scheme that seduces the senses. Mirrored furniture, rich fabrics, and metallic accents combine to create a look that plays on the extravagant. Chandeliers with cascades of crystals glitter against tufted furniture draped with faux furs. If “j’adore decor” is forever on your lips, then read on for more Glam room ideas.

Glam Room Ideas Color Palette

Color Palette

While Glam decor boasts bold themes and tempting textures, the color palette is a practice in restraint and sophistication. Gold and silver play a prominent role in the surfaces and fixtures that take on a gilded finish. Soft pinks and shades of white complement hard metallics while smooth greys and creamy neutrals create the base of this elegant look.

Glam Decor Essentials

mirrored end table glam room ideas

Mirrored Furniture

Reflective surfaces infuse your space with glamour. Use mirrored furniture to add depth and shine to the room. Mirrored accent tables, vases, and decorative wall mirrors create a multi-layered look that’s both chic and sophisticated.

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metallic chevron print throw pillow glam room ideas

Metallic Accents

Decorative accents in gold or silver add a rich, opulent touch to the design. Warm, yellow gold is the perfect contrast to neutral furniture, while bright silver highlights the room with subtle luster.

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stacked faux fur blankets glam room ideas

Faux Fur Throws

Give your Glam space luxe appeal with faux fur throws draped over sofas, chairs, and beds. Soft and sensuous, faux fur plays on tactile senses to encourage relaxation and inspire comfort.

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two silver mercury glass vases glam decor ideas

Sculptural Elements

Create a distinct look with unique decorative pieces that reflect your sense of style. Decorative sculptures, geometric accents, and funky figurines are a great way to put your personality on display.

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