Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Gift Basket Ideas for Mother's Day
One of the best ways to shower Mom with gifts is with a gift basket. Whether you choose a pre-made basket or you put one together yourself, a gift basket will be full of lovely things that show how much you appreciate her. If you're looking for Mother's Day gift basket ideas to cater to your mom or the mother of your children, consider some of these thoughtful options.
Gift Basket Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Basket Ideas for Every Mom:

Chocolate Gift Basket for the Mom With a Sweet Tooth

If we are what we eat, then your mom must be sweet. Cater to her cravings with a Mother’s Day gift basket full of chocolate. Baskets that include chocolate squares, chocolate-covered pretzels, cookies, and truffles make an indulgent present she’ll find irresistible.

Gourmet Gift Basket for the Foodie Mom

She has a taste for the finer things in life, so get Mom a gourmet food gift basket that meets her high standards. If she likes her food on the sweeter side, look for a fruit gift basket — a colorful, classic Mother’s Day gift. If she prefers savory snacks, look for a basket that includes meats, olives, cheese, and crackers. If she likes to do the cooking herself, make your own gift basket: Just take a regular basket and fill it with a few of her favorite ingredients and a few handy kitchen gadgets.

Spa Gift Basket For the Mom Who Needs to Relax

Her kids keep her busy, and she could use a afternoon to herself. Pamper Mom with a spa gift basket full of body lotions, bath gels, bath mitts, scented candles, and even some herbal teas. Make sure to choose one in a fragrance she likes; lavender, vanilla, and citrus scents are popular.

Popcorn Gift Basket For the Movie Buff Mom

If she’s not into bubble baths, put together a Mother’s Day gift basket that lets her relax in another way. Wrap up microwave popcorn, sodas, theater-size candy boxes, and a few of her favorite movies on DVD in a tall popcorn bucket. Perfect for an evening in as you spend quality time during move nights together.

Baby Gift Basket For the First-Time Mom

If it’s her first Mother’s Day, or if she is still expecting her first baby, get her a Mother’s Day gift basket with baby gear. Look for one that has items she’s sure to need while she has a newborn, like extra outfits for her little one, a baby blanket, or baby bath products that she’ll use every day.