Genius Home Office Organization Ideas

Genius Home Office Organization Ideas

For many families, the home office is reserved for personal tasks like paying bills, filing taxes, or completing homework. However, with all the activity it attracts, an office space can get disorganized quickly. Your home office doesn't need to take up an entire room to stay neat and uncluttered. Even if you have limited space, you can keep your desk clean, paperwork straight, and reminders visible with these home office organization ideas.

Hang Magazine Racks for Frequently Used Files

Hang Wall Organizers and File Folders

You may be used to seeing magazine racks in medical offices, but they’re handy for file storage in a home office space as well. Keep less used files, such as invoices, records, and agendas, close by with wall-mounted magazine pockets. Or for documents you need on hand regularly, keep a v-shaped rack on the corner of your desk. It’ll help declutter your desk while freeing up space in your filing cabinet.


Add Personality with a Jazzed Up Filing Cabinet

Jazz Up Your Filing Cabinet

Standard filing cabinets make it easy to organize important office files and papers, but they aren’t exactly exciting. Rather than settle for drab, add some personality using stencils, contact paper, and paint. You can also create cool designs with patterned washi tape. If DIY projects aren’t your cup of tea, look for less traditional filing cabinets. Either colorful drawers or a uniquely shaped cabinet can spruce up your filing system.


Organize Drawers with Utensil Trays

home office desk drawer with multi-compartment bamboo organizer for clips, note pad, pens, and flash drive

Using desk drawers to their full potential is a classic solution to a cluttered desk. Assign a different office item to each compartment of a utensil tray, so rulers, rubber bands, and paper clips will all have a home. If you have lots of desk drawers, turn them into paper trays using adjustable dividers. Then label each section as deadline, to-do, and in-and-out boxes. Just like that, your desk will be paper-free.


Borrow Kitchen Glassware to Store Office Supplies

Create a Mason Jar Organizer

If you think mason jars are just for canning food, think again! After you’ve used these pantry staples for jam or salsa, repurpose them as caddies for your home office. Likewise for one-of-a-kind coffee mugs. Find a large, durable jar or cup for paintbrushes, pens, pencils, or other tools. Whether you hang them on the wall or line them up on a shelf, they’ll give your workspace a dash of personality and style.


Go Mobile with Rollable Shelving

Roll with a Bar Cart

Do you have heavy books, binders, and other bulky items causing chaos on your desk? All that clutter could make your home office feel smaller than it is. A bar or utility cart is basically a rolling shelving unit, making it easy to hide away until it’s needed. So for items that you only use occasionally, place them on a cart shelf to tuck away for later. If you have carpet, look for carts with larger wheels so that they’re easy to maneuver.


Suspend Your Lighting to Clear Up Desk Space

Take the Light Off Your Desk

When you work nights or have limited natural lighting, lamps are home office necessities. However, they can take up valuable real estate on your desk. Instead, hang a pendant light over your workspace. Whether you choose a geometric-shaped pendant or a soft lantern, it will give you more space to concentrate on the tasks that matter.


Tuck Work Away With a Murphy Desk

Add a Murphy Desk

If you have a small home but still need a functional office area, try using a murphy desk. It mounts to the wall and unfolds into a fully functioning workspace, making it a top choice for multi-use rooms. These unique desks can also double as small dining tables or mail stations. Many models come with compartments and cabinets so you can store all your office supplies inside. When your workday is complete, you can fold up your desk for a clean transition to your evening activities.


Customize Your Organization with Storage Cubes

Try Storage Cubes

Transform a jumbled home office into a tidy one in a snap when you take advantage of cube storage. Because they’re so customizable, one cube organizer can have as many functions as it has cubbies. Use some compartments as shelves for decorative objects or books, while others may hold bins or boxes. Foldable cube inserts work well for lightweight items, such as charging cords. Meanwhile, more rigid woven baskets or wooden crates are better suited for storing heavy books or electronics.


Embrace Open Shelves for Decor & Books

Embrace Open Shelves

Whether in a kitchen, living room, or home office, an open shelving system works nearly everywhere in the home. Any bare wall is a candidate. Place neat storage boxes and sizable items along the bottom shelves. Meanwhile, reserve the upper and middle shelves for frequently referenced books or tools and decorative objects that inspire you. Leave a bit of negative space between each item. Doing so will prevent your open shelves from looking messy or untidy.


Find Multifunctional Furniture to Maximize Floor Space

Add a Floor Lamps with Shelves

If your desk feels cluttered due to its small size, you need an organizer that multitasks. Floor lamps with built-in shelves can replace your standard desk lamp. Plus, they provide a new home for photos, plants, and other decorative accessories. With fewer items on your desk, your home office will feel tidy and productive.


Ditch Paper Planners for a Dry Erase Calendar

Install a Dry Erase Calendar

While many use phones or computers to keep track of their schedules, having a visual calendar in your office can help you stay organized mentally. To save paper, install a dry erase calendar above your workspace. Wiping away a previous month to set up a new one gives you a chance to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and refocus your efforts for next month. Choose a whiteboard with enough space to jot down reminders for an added benefit.

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