Trend Alert: Fringe Furniture & Decor

Trend Alert: Fringe Furniture & Decor

With a history as varied as its potential, fringe is hitting the decor scene once again. It’s draping our homes in all its whimsical glory, turning previously drab furnishings into dramatic statement pieces. Equal parts romantic and playful, fringe hints at the excitement of youth while evoking the opulence of royalty. This unique camouflage creates a design element capable of supporting any design style. Fringe is confined only to the barriers of your own imagination.

The Word Is Out, Fringe Decor Is In

fringed rug

Given the cyclical nature of interior design, fringe has made a comeback in a big way. Often associated with the Art Deco style of the 1920s, fringe’s history stretches beyond this age of edging lavish royal upholstery. It has more humble beginnings as embellishments in early Mesopotamian fashion. Once favored for its ability to prevent fraying, modern fringe decor is all about the joy of adding motion to design elements that bring a room to life.

Fringe & Tassels: What's the Difference?

fringe trend wall hanging

If fringe is the adaptive darling of the design world, tassels are the younger siblings. Tassels follow in fringe’s footsteps but make their own unique contribution: where fringe boldly accentuates and softens any strong lines, decorative tassels offer a surprising and enchanting embellishment. Tassels extend once clearly defined borders. When paired together, these elements command attention, begging for a quick swipe through their strands just to watch them dance through your fingers.

And as if their enticingly hypnotic shifting wasn’t enough? The sheer versatility make fringe and tassels an easy choice to consider when updating your home decor. Well-matched for most styles and textiles, and striking at almost any length, these design elements don’t know the meaning of the concept “I can’t.”

Suitable Materials

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Almost every fabric can be enhanced with well-placed fringe or tassels, whether heavy or light, stiff or fluid, or decorative or functional. However, fringe is beloved in interior design for its compatibility with more rigid structures. Fringed patio umbrellas or wall mirrors, for example, can enhance a feeling of flowing softness despite clean, sharp, or minimal lines. Even the fringe itself is not limited. Fringe is often made of traditional woven materials but has also been created using beads and glass.

Length Matters

fringed pillows and blanket

Fringe is most commonly thought of as a short and fluttery accent added to bring character. As design innovation spreads its wings and grows bolder, artists have tested the limits of fringe length. They’ve found the impression can change significantly with the addition of only a few inches.

While accent pillows lined with unruly fringe still create a familiar cozy and comfortable aesthetic, floor-length fringe draped over the edges of a common wooden end table can produce a surprisingly dramatic effect. Long strands teasing the floor inspire a mysterious desire to draw back the fringed curtain to see what secrets it holds.

Perfect for Any Decor Style

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You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a decor style that wouldn’t benefit from introducing fringe or tassels. Woven fringed wall art creates the perfect backdrop for a healthy Instagram live stream in your boho-style living room. Long tassels draped from macrame planter hangers can fill an unused corner in an organic modern bedroom. Enhance the romance of Victorian design by drawing back fringed curtains to display the majesty and romance of a luxurious canopy bed, securing them with tasseled tiebacks. Even minimalist styles, known for their no-fuss functionality and unadorned spaces, offer the opportunity for straight hanging fringe. It’s a creative way to mask clutter or allow for a strategically placed fringed throw to soften a room.

Adding Tassels & Fringe to Your Home

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Incorporating tassels or fringe into your design? Fringe works best as an accent, generally making the most impact when it stands alone. Multiple fringed decor items in one room may feel less whimsical and more unsophisticated. On the other hand, using fringe in a bright color can create strategic points of interest. This can be tricky: a full line of vibrant fringe can be overpowering. If you’re going to fringe, do so responsibly.

Fringe Furniture

fringe trend ottoman

Fringe is an easy way to bring an extra element of texture to your furniture. Fringed sofas highlight pleasing angles and create a fluid transition to the surrounding floor. Fringe lining the lower edge of your bed creates an opportunity for contrasting color while hiding your assortment of single shoes and rogue hamper escapees from polite company. Dinner guests can sit comfortably in long-fringe, fabric dining chairs, basking in the elegant ambiance of hidden chair legs.

Fringed Lighting

fringe trend chandelier

The impact of fringe and tassels on lighting depends on their use. Short, stiffer tassels on a lampshade produce a charming and romantic border to its gentle glow. This perfectly accentuates the mood when you’re curled up on the couch with a novel. Longer and more fluid fringe can inspire playful elegance. When it’s highlighting the tiers of a pendant light, it can draw the eye away from your mid-project crafting table. Not only does this create a stunning visual display in daylight, but it also mimics the effect of fabric shades by directing the light in the evenings. A crystal-fringed chandelier above the dining table will save you time before a dinner party by providing a stunning focal point (eliminating the need for a complicated centerpiece).

Tassels & Fringe Accessories

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Of all the decor opportunities to incorporate fringe and tassels, fringe accessories are the place to let your creativity soar. Fringed throw pillows create texture on sofas and offer a soothing tactile distraction for scary movies and serious conversations. A fringed ottoman treats the family feet like royalty. Hanging fringed hand towels can even add a touch of luxury to your bathroom while also making it easier for family members to identify the fancy towels reserved for special guests.