Floral Bedding To Usher in Spring

Floral Bedding To Usher in Spring

Welcome the spirit of springtime with the seasonal charm of floral bedding. A floral bed is an exciting way to incorporate new colors and prints into bedroom decor. From romantic vintage designs to colorful bright floral bedding, there are floral bedding options for nearly every style. Read on to explore the decorating options for spring bedding with floral touches.

Floral Bedding Styles

Rest comfortably during spring by switching out last season’s flannel and fleece for cooler, lighter-weight floral bedding. Whether you’re partial to the classic blooms of vintage floral bedding or prefer the collective, laid-back style of boho floral bedding, there’s a style for you.

Vintage Floral Bedding

If you rave for a touch of the past, the classic elements in vintage floral bedding will take you back in time, while remaining stylish for years to come. Antique-inspired garden blooms and greenery keep these romantic designs timeless. The soft color palette of greens, blues, and pinks blends well with bedroom styles from elegant Victorian to a rustic shabby-chic. Update your room to incorporate vintage floral bedding that will flawlessly tie other traditional elements like an ornate metal headboard or accent bench.

Tropical, Bright Floral Bedding

For bolder design and dazzling color, consider tropical, bright floral bedding. These vibrant patterns can liven a neutral-colored room or offer an exotic and vivid jungle or coastal theme to a guest room, making any visitor feel like they’re on vacation. Pair it with unique elements like an artificial palm plant and a cozy rattan or bamboo accent chair that’ll bring paradise a little closer to home.

Boho Floral Bedding

For a collective, relaxed ambiance, opt for the laidback energy of boho floral bedding. Colorful and creative, bohemian-style bedding can involve mixed patterns, playful embellishments, colorful tassels, and more. Designs within boho floral bedding selections range from soft, flowy, monochromatic looks to more eclectic, unconventional styles.

Modern & Contemporary Spring Bedding With Floral Touches

Opt for modern and contemporary spring bedding with floral touches to excite a neutral, universal look. If you have a richly-toned room with dark wood furniture, give it a burst of color with a modern, floral-inspired bedding set in orange, gold, or green shades. Add the joy of the spring season by layering together bedding with multicolored floral accents of red, blue, or yellow in a room with earth tones like gray or beige. Any one of your contemporary spring bedding options will help usher the season in and get you into the spirit of regrowth and positive change.

Floral Bed Sets

Floral bedding sets can take the guesswork out of coordinating patterns and colors for separate pieces. A comforter bed set including a floral bed comforter and matching shams can be personalized by choosing a shade within the comforter pattern and using that color for your bed sheets. You may go with a solid color bed sheet or for a more adventurous look, try mixing patterns using floral sheets of coordinating colors with smaller prints. Another popular bed set option is “,” a complete ensemble containing the basics for outfitting a bed. These bundles typically include a bed comforter or duvet cover, shams, bed sheets, pillowcases, and a bed skirt. These pre-packaged sets can also include accent pillows. See our full guide to Comforter Sets vs. Bed-in-a-Bag Sets.

Floral Sheet Set Options

To simplify choices of sheet and pillowcase separates, opt for a floral bed sheet set containing a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. With bold and bright florals, matching sheet sets should feature a similar color theme and complement it. For softer, pastel shades of pink, baby blue, or mint green, floral bed sheets should bring a fresh yet quiet color palette in similar tones to bring the look together. If you have a particular theme for your bedroom, read through our guide on choosing the best bed sheet color combinations for your style for more ideas.

Floral Comforters

Floral bed comforter patterns are abundant and easily matched to your room’s style. For example, if your bedroom style has a charming, farmhouse theme complete with weathered wood accents, consider a comforter with delicate single bloom patterns in sunny shades that’ll add to the room’s warmth. For bedrooms with a midcentury modern theme, add a retro-inspired floral design with bold and bright hues that stand out against a muted color palette. Finally, for cozier, bohemian rooms, flower-filled paisley comforters add to existing accents like a striking wall tapestry that’ll elevate your free-spirit theme. As the spring weather approaches, most people opt for lighter-weight comforters made from cotton, cotton blends, and polyester blends.

Floral Quilts

You may consider floral quilt bedding if you prefer a more homespun, rustic bed ensemble. A quilt made from 3 layers of stacked material will incorporate a top layer made from distinctive cloth cuts pieced together. This artistry often gives quilts their popular homemade or eccentric appeal. If your bedroom has a rustic, vintage, or cottage theme that has classic, crisp colors, opt for floral quilt bedding with a consistent scene of blushing blooms or radiant floral prints patched together. Although quilts are generally known for their warmth and coziness, there are also lightweight quilts for spring and summer months. Quilts for warmer seasons are commonly made with a thin middle layer.

Floral Accent Pieces for Your Bed

Choosing the right bed accessories creates more opportunities to personalize your intimate space and personify the total look. For instance, place a set of intricate floral decorative pillows with embellishments like tassels to bring the style of an elegant room together. For quirky bedrooms, consider accent pillows with raised, floral-inspired textures to stand out against the rest of your design. Additionally, add a light and fresh, floral printed throw to a shabby-chic bed for a delightful addition to your bedroom that’ll add a layer of comfort on cooler nights.

Bring the Outside In With Springtime Bedding

With springtime on the immediate horizon, it is an ideal time to switch out your winter bedding for lighter textiles and colorful floral patterns. Aside from a decorative change, springtime bedding materials will keep you comfortable as temperatures increase. Some people prefer cotton due to the breathability and crisp feel, while others swear by cotton/polyester blended sheets for easy care. Fans of microfiber sheets value their softness and durability.

Let the freshness of new beautiful floral bedding boost your mood and transform your space into a springtime sanctuary. For further inspiration on how to update your bedding this season, check out our guide on How to Style a Bed in 3 Different Ways.