How to Ditch Negative Chi and Bring Positive Energy to Your Home

How to Ditch Negative Chi and Bring Positive Energy to Your Home

How to Bring Good Energy Into Your First Apartment

Chi is the good or bad energy in absolutely everything. To maximize your potential for good energy, you have to make it easy for that energy to find you. Moving into your first apartment is the perfect opportunity to introduce clean, strong chi into your life. Start with these quick decorating tips to bring positive energy into your new home. For a deeper dive into the principles of feng shui, check out our Feng Shui Tips guide.


Soften Edges With Rounded Furniture and Decor

Living room with round coffee table, round poufs, and rounded chair Image Provided by Doreen Corrigan

It’s important that your apartment looks inviting to you and your guests so that it attracts positive chi. A rounded piece, like a coffee table, is especially productive for good energy because it’s open and approachable. Smooth organic shapes allow good chi to flow smoothly through your apartment and soften the anxiety and aggression caused by sharp objects.


Organize your floor plan so you have plenty of breathing room and balance. A blissful feng shui furniture arrangement will help create a more open and inviting home. For example, positioning rounded seats of similar size facing each other can make conversation more natural and put guests at ease.


Guests should also feel like they can navigate the room easily, so pay attention to pathways. Reflecting a safe, comfortable space will encourage relaxing energy in your apartment.


Purify the Air With Natural Elements

Living room with large plant by a window Image Provided by We The Birds

Use the vibrant energy of water and plants to improve your apartment’s air quality, your concentration, and ultimately your wellbeing. Jade plants and water fixtures promote wealth, while bamboo is known to be a lucky air filter.


If you’d like to enjoy a sweet-smelling fragrance while you purify the air in your apartment, use essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, or sage. Fill a water bottle or diffuser with a few drops of a scent to mist musty corners with healing, peaceful properties. The aroma will also relax your muscles and soothe stress, encouraging good energy.


Light is another purifying source of air filtration. A beeswax candle or salt lamp will soak up old energies and release fresh, negative ions into your apartment. You should also open a window once in a while, so a breeze can circulate through your home to lift any heavy energies.


When windows are closed, use sheer curtains or adjustable shades to filter through the positive light of day. You’ll want the option to close your window treatments at night, so you can block out darkness and bad vibes.


Soften Your Color Palette for More Calming Energy

Bedroom with calming colors

Subdued colors are restful, so if you’re looking for ways to be more positive, decorate your apartment with soothing whites, greys, and blues. For more high, optimistic energy, soft yellows and greens are invigorating natural accents that won’t shock your senses or repel good chi.


If you can’t paint your walls, hang up art that moves and inspires you, so good energy will draw from the ideal vision of your future. Through other colorful accessories, such as pillows, throws, and flowers, you can reflect and control a positive inner and outer state.


Create a Bright Entryway to Invite Good Energy

Image Provided by Jenny Komenda

A fresh, sunny entryway is a quick cure to bring good vibes into your first apartment. Your entryway welcomes happy, lively energy through your apartment’s “Mouth of Chi.” Good energy really responds to brightness and wavy shapes, so add a round mirror or pot of flowers by your front door.


A curvy lamp or candle will light the way for good energy with its healing properties. You can also use a set of windchimes outside your front door to attract joy and prosperity while repelling stagnant energy.


By making your entryway an obvious transition from the outside world, you allow good energy to flow in and negative energy to escape. Place an ottoman bench in your entryway to store clutter such as outerwear, keys, and mail. The ottoman will also give you a place to sit and collect yourself as you enter your home, which will help you channel positive chi.


Purge Clutter to Feel in Control of Your Surroundings

Image Provided by Restoring Home

At any stage of moving into your new apartment, ditch what isn’t functional or what doesn’t bring you joy. Storage areas, especially closets, drawers, and nightstands, are extremely common areas for negative energy to gather because they contain junk. If it can’t be fixed or won’t be worn, get rid of it.


You’ll feel accomplished and secure when everything is in its place. Limiting objects also allows your favorite belongings to absorb good energy during the day and share it while you sleep. That’s why part of channeling good chi is setting aside an area for your hobbies to help you relax.


You can attract high energy to support healthy self-esteem and relationships by surrounding yourself with what you love. Floating shelves, baskets, and trays are basics of feng shui decor that can keep all your prized possessions organized so you can continue to enjoy them, not resent them.