Father's Day Gift Buying Guide

by Staff Writer
Published April 28, 2010 | Updated March 6, 2015

Are you looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Whether you are shopping for your dad, grandpa, or even husband, it can be difficult to know what to buy. To help you get started, here are some great gift ideas for the perfect gift that any dad will be sure to love.

How to Buy Father's Day Gifts:

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  • Favorite things:

    For an easy gift-making decision, just think about what Dad likes the most, and look for a gift that goes with one of his favorite hobbies or interests. His favorite sport, his favorite car, his favorite drink, or his favorite movie: You should know at least a few of these, if not all of them. If you're not sure about any of your dad's favorite things, ask your mom about them. Then shop for books, T-shirts, or even cell phone cases that celebrate his interests.

  • Family togetherness:

    Celebrating Dad is all about being together as a family. Give him a Father's Day gift that will provide an activity you can do together. If your family likes taking camping trips, get him some new outdoor gear. If game night is your favorite way to hang out together, get him a new board game or video game you can all play together. If a backyard barbecue is Dad's favorite way to spend time together, get him new barbecue tools.

  • The latest and greatest:

    Dads have a knack for knowing about the latest gadgets months before they're available. The newest tablet, smartphone, or digital camera is probably on his wish list, even if he tells you that all he wants for Father's Day is a pair of socks. Mention a few of the most recent electronics and see which ones he has a lot to say about, and he'll be telling you what he really wants without realizing it.

  • Rest and renewal:

    Dads work hard, so they appreciate Father's Day gifts that help them relax. Does your dad like to relax on the golf course? Get him a set of golf balls that's a little nicer than the ones he typically uses, or see if there is a wedge that he doesn't have in his golf bag yet. Does your Dad prefer his relaxation to involve naps? Look for a hammock and stand he can set up in the backyard or one he can take camping with him.

  • Spoilers:

    He may be hard to please, he may have a taste for the finer things in life, or you may just want to show him a little extra live this year. Spoil your dad with something extra special. Giving a nice men's watch to your Dad is the equivalent of giving diamond earrings to your mom: luxurious and classic. Other indulgent gifts include leather messenger bags, kegerators, espresso makers, GPS systems, and metal tool chests. There's sure to be something that will show Dad that he's your hero.