Decadent & Family-Friendly Dining Room Designed With Farah Merhi

Decadent & Family-Friendly Dining Room Designed With Farah Merhi

This guide is part of our Overstock Brand Ambassador series, home design tips provided by industry experts.


With Farah Merhi
Brand Ambassador

Farah is the founder and creative force behind her brand and the social media phenomenon Inspire Me! Home Decor, a lifestyle brand that brings classic, elegant, and glamorous furniture and decor into homes around the world. With more than 14 million followers across her social media pages, she is a must-see for easy tips to transform your home into a beautifully designed masterpiece. Farah is also a designer, author, speaker, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three.


How It Came Together

Meals were my parents way of making sure they always knew what was happening in our lives and that we always felt heard. It’s a tradition we carry on. Around our dining table, it’s not about tables and chairs, it’s the conversations that are happening. It’s a place for connecting, board games, doing arts and crafts together, helping with homework. We’re building memories, hoping they take it to their kids and teach them those values as well. It’s a lot more than a dining table, it’s the meaning behind what happens at a dining table.

With this room, we wanted to make everyday dining an actual event, not stuffing cereal in your mouth and running away. Even if it’s “just” family, I love to go all-out, over-the-top at all times. Here’s how to style glam for your family dining room.

Emphasis on Comfort

I love a rug under the table for warmth because when we’re home, we’re barefoot. I keep it neutral, in the gray, beige, ivory tones. Anything greige is elegant and timeless, and I like a light, bright space. But I pair it with a pattern because kids like to spill, and this covers that better. An abstract pattern flows nicely, anchors the room, and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Chairs are also obviously important in terms of comfort, so I go for velvet. I like mine easy to pull out, and you can achieve this with a low-pile rug.

Ornate Tablescape

Another must-have is nice centerpiece in the middle. I’ll style the table with a flower arrangement and keep the greenery low so everybody can see each other. When I use florals, it’s hydrangeas, roses, and peonies to add some color and brightness. Then a couple of candles for a nice romantic finishing touch (but not when the kids can tip them over).

I love luxury dinnerware sets, especially for layering, like a charger beneath the dinnerplate. Gold touches feel special, but not everywhere because then it becomes busy. An edge or detail is enough.

Finally, it’s so easy to grab a charcuterie board hidden out of the way, and then fill it up with whatever you need. Platters are a fun way to get the kids involved in making meals and allow everyone to pick at different foods.

Glitzy Accessories

I’d say finalize your tables and chairs before searching for your glam touches. Your dining set determines the look. For example, if you have a glass-top table with gold or brass legs, you’re going to want to mix and match materials for balance. Then you can pull in an oversized and dramatic chandelier – the grander, the better. Or if I have a credenza in the back for storage, I might accentuate it with a mirror or painting hanging above. But I don’t use accessories that are overwhelming; a statement frame is enough.

Home Design Tips With Farah Merhi

What is the first thing you’d like someone to say/feel when they enter your home (or a room you designed)?

The first thing I would like someone to feel is welcomed, like they walked into a home that is warm and inviting. I want them to see how my home is a reflection of who I am and what I love. At first glance, you can immediately tell that my style is glamorous and elegant, yet cozy and warm.

What is your go-to material?

I like a touch (but just a touch) of natural wood for warmth and texture, and I mix those elements in with gold and brass metals. The marble and velvet trends are going strong and I bring them in to add an elevated look in any room. Mirrors are also huge for me because they reflect light and brighten a room, making the room look spacious.

What is a favorite item in your home, and why?

My deep-seated sofas because I love that they are comfortable and still make a statement. My family room where we hang out and watch TV, spending quality family time. I love enjoying a book in the evenings on our sofas, or catching up on shows while I relax with my husband after a long day. It represents memories for me. A welcoming sight after a long day at work.

New trends that you love or hate?

That’s the beauty of home decor: not everyone is going to agree on styles and designs. What matters is that what you choose to implement in your home puts a smile on your face and makes you feel at peace. Let your home represent what you love. Trends I am loving currently are textured walls and paneling that create a focal point. And statement lighting — it’s the perfect accessory to finish off a design.

Do you have any color preferences?

My go-to is a feminine, timeless palette that still feels neutral, so mauve, blush, gold, white. Not a lot of saturated colors. I’m more interested in layered textures. But my color preference depends on the day! This is why I love sticking with neutral furniture, so I can change out my accessories and accent colors without the commitment. My color preferences change with my mood and the seasons. It’s fun to be able to reflect my color preferences as they evolve.

If your perfect space were someone famous, who would it be?

Julia Roberts! Fun, isn’t afraid to be herself, and a smile that will brighten any and every room she walks into.