FAQs About Swiss Military Watches

FAQs About Swiss Military Watches

Swiss Military watches are produced by three Switzerland-based companies: Wenger, Hanowa and CX Swiss Military Watch. Swiss Military watches are rugged timepieces that feature quartz and automatic mechanical movements. Men's Swiss military watches and women's Swiss military watches are generally marketed to outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a plethora of watch features, such as chronograph dials, rugged construction and high levels of water resistance. Swiss military watches are also fashionable, making them the perfect wristwatch for daily wear. Use our facts to choose a men's watch or women's watch for your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Swiss Military watches stylish?

Swiss Military watches are produced by three different sub-brands: Wenger, Hanowa and CX Swiss Military Watch. This variety of brands offers consumers a myriad of style choices. Men’s Swiss Military watches and women’s Swiss Military watches are available in both basic rugged models and extravagant luxury selections. Some Swiss Military wristwatches feature the iconic Swiss cross and shield, adding classic Swiss style to your look.

Are Swiss Military watches functional?

Men’s watches and women’s watches from Swiss Military are meant to be highly functional. Models ranging from the basic day/date versions to those with multifunctional chronographs and tachymeter scales are available from all three sub-brands. Sport watches from Swiss Military are perfect for women and men with active

Should I buy a quartz or automatic Swiss Military?

Swiss Military offers both quartz and automatic watches. Quartz watches run on battery power, while automatic watches use the motion of the wearer’s wrist to mechanically wind the watch. A battery-powered quartz crystal watch, as an electronic device, is more accurate than an automatic mechanical watch, but quartz watches need to have their batteries replaced every three to five years. Although automatic mechanical watches are slightly less accurate, they never need batteries, so they are very dependable and make great survival accessories.

Are Swiss Military watches affordable?

Swiss Military produces watches in a variety of price categories. Basic Swiss Military watches are quite affordable, while models with extra features or luxury materials will generally be more expensive. Quartz watches are typically less expensive than automatic watches. All Swiss Military watches feature high-quality workmanship and have a good reputation among watch enthusiasts.